Anger Poem about Love

Marriage Ending

I wrote this due to the emotions my husband has put me through.

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How Dare You!

© more by Kari Johnston

Published: July 2008

How Dare you do this to me.
How Dare you stand there and let us be.
You not wanting this marriage and working late is how this began.
I now know this has to end.
I have a responsibility to be strong and be there for our boys.
They are human they are not toys.
They want-they need their dad
instead of wishing and being sad.
How dare you do this to me and I go on and let this be.
How dare you stay married to me all these years
and stand back and watch my tears.
I know you don't want me and I know this much is true
I am stronger now instead of being blue.
To tell you the truth I don't care anymore
your lies and you I no longer stand for or adore.
You stole my heart-my pride-my soul
you are not a human you are just cold.
You don't love me or want to be married -I don't know how many times I have to be told
but I realize now you were being you just bitter and cold.
How dare you do this to me and stand there and let this be.
Do you feel pain or are you just mad
for once in your cold life I want you to feel sad.
Payback is hell and that is what you deserve and I hope you will feel pain and unwanted everyday in everyway.
How dare you do this to me-I have to let go and I now know this is how it has to be.
I will eventually need to pack up and leave. 
When we say our goodbyes
I will be drying my eyes.
How dare you wanting to leave
I just have to realize we were never meant to be.


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