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Missing Love


Published by Family Friend Poems May 2012 with permission of the Author.

I miss the ways,
The ways that captivated my heart.

How your beautiful eyes,
Would look through mine.

And discovered more,
More than what I thought I could be.

The way your kiss...
Your kiss would tingle my lips.

Travel to my feet,
Then completely surround me.

Twirling with your arms holding me tight,
While we danced into the light.

Gracefully sliding across the rooms,
As if we were the only two.

Soaring without wings,
Just hand in hand.

Feet still planted,
But hearts so alight.

And mesmerizizing my soul,
I miss the ways.

Upon the chest,
The chest of my lover.

Lying in the night,
Not scared or alone.

The passions of the nights,
Rolling as thunder.

No more two but becoming one,
Under the covers.

The endless hopes,
And heartfelt dreams.

Of you and me,
Becoming we.

The nervous fears of lovers,
Not two but becoming three.

Joining the happiness,
Of fathers and mothers.

I miss those ways,
But not this.

An unborn stolen,
By the foul clutches of night.

Because of the loss,
The missing and the fight.

I do not miss this,
Not one bit.

Fearful and scared.
Tears all alone.

The evils of this world,
We have been shown.

Cruel and painful,
And still cry "Why".

My sorrow drowns me,
As I fight to stay above.

I need a hand,
I need your hug.

I can't fill this void,
Inside deep in my heart.

This wanting consuming,
Consuming my soul.

Half alive,
Not wanting to breath.

Half dead,
Not wanting to go.

But the show has ended,
A tearful audience.

I only wish that we weren't the ones,
Playing the lead rolls.


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