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I am a 25 year old woman and am deeply wanting to be with a man who has recently broken up with his girlfriend. I've wanted to be with him about a week or so after we met. I saw his relationship practically from beginning to end. She used him and his heart and this in turn broke mine. When their relationship ended, I immediately wanted to heal him and his heart. I am now in wait for him to say I am his.

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I feel like my mind was so special when I was dating someone. Now I have nothing. I'm so heart broken. My life is ruined.

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Waiting For Love


Published: February 2011

I can feel you near so I turn around,
There you stand with the smile I love.

My heart is beating rapidly now as I look into your eyes.
I reach out my hand but you hesitate.
I read your eyes saying, "I'm sorry, we have to wait."
I Keep my hand out hoping you'll take it.
Still your eyes say it's too soon.
It's been only three months since your last relationship ended.

I walk to you and put my right hand on your chest, feel your heartbeat against my palm.
My heart aches and my stomach turns into a knot.
I feel your pain so fresh and want to take it away.
You take my hand and press it between yours. I see your eyes say, "Soon I will hurt no more."

I smile and my eyes light up.
You smile back and look straight through my soul.
Your left hand reaches up and cups my right cheek.
Your thumb makes circular motions as you smile and look into my eyes.
I close my eyes, begin to lean forward.
Your right hand moves to my left cheek and you say, "Open your eyes, Liz."
I look at you confused and begin to step back.
Your hands move to my shoulders and hold me in place.
My bottom lip quivers and tears well in my eyes.
You pull me close and hug me tight, "Shh, shh, don't cry."
I am hurting and want to bawl. I hear you say, "I promise we will kiss someday."

I lift myself from your loving arms and nod in understanding.
"I know you will heal soon. I will wait until you do.
Just remember I am here for you whenever or whatever you need me for."
You nod your head.
We hug once again and it's time for us to temporarily part.
My heart and stomach ache because I know I'll miss you horribly.

So here I am just waiting for that day when I finally hear you say, "Will you be mine? My one and only?"
I will shout, "YES!" and feel the joy my heart needs so desperately.
When that day comes I will be yours and you will be mine.
Until that day an emptiness remains that only you can fill.



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  • by Isaac Pearson
  • 6 months ago

I feel like my mind was so special when I was dating someone. Now I have nothing. I'm so heart broken. My life is ruined.

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