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It's been three months since i came out of a toxic relationship. I definitely fell in love with a sociopath. I remember the beginning of our relationship was so beautiful and memorable but...

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Gone Forever


Published: May 2008

I miss the times when you were here
telling me to have no fear
To hold my head up high and strong
add happy notes to my sad song

I miss the way you look at me
As if I were too blind to see
The path I'm on might hurt and scathe
But all goes well if you just have faith

I miss the sound of your sweet voice
Through bitter times a saving noise
That told me what was right and wrong
But rang in my ears for far too long

A caring person, you were such
That helped and hurt me, oh so much
You'd guide and mislead me through the day
You left me lonely when I'd rather you stay

Over things like that you had no control
A rock set in motion will continue to roll
No matter how hard you tug and heave
You were always pushed and forced to leave

Then one day you never returned
My tears so hot they almost burned
Aware now about what I lack
But crying and mourning wont bring you back

For me to let out what I need to say
I can't do much more than pray
No longer am I weak, my hearts quite strong
From adding a happy chorus to a sad, sad song



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  • by Melissa
  • 5 months ago

It's been three months since i came out of a toxic relationship. I definitely fell in love with a sociopath. I remember the beginning of our relationship was so beautiful and memorable but along the way...the toxicity rose. I became toxic, he was a sociopath. He broke up with me about 5 times and I potentially begged every time for him not to leave. He pitied me. I needed him. I needed someone. I was depressed and isolated and he was the only one who understood me. I wanted to latch on to that one thing that provided me more pain than relief. He guilt tripped me to heights, he made me feel inferior and unimportant. He was absolutely scurrilous and gave me the reputation of "psychotic." I may have lost my sanity and hurt him a few times, but that was because I had had enough of the inflicted pain. Now...I wish I could go back to it, knowing it would hurt me...I loved the pain. I stopped begging for his love and he stopped pitying me. He's moved on. I'm captivated by the memories.

  • by Suezana
  • 3 days ago

Hello! I have just come across this. I know it has been 5 months since you have posted this, but I just wanna know how are you doing? Are you okay right now? To be honest, sometimes we don't need anyone to survive. We are strong enough to be alone. I hope you are doing better now. Please don't turn to suicide or self-harm. I may not know you, but I can say that I'm here for you. Stay strong and try to move on. The right guy will come into your life. Till then be strong!

  • by Brynn
  • 7 months ago

My boyfriend left me. I can't do this anymore. I'm in so much pain.

  • by Emil Zaragoza
  • 3 months ago

We are on the same situation right now. My girlfriend left me also. Just learn to make yourself busy. Divert your thoughts to other things. Call your friends, invite them to go out, go to the mall.

  • by Jackie Pina
  • 1 year ago

This poem really touched me in the sense to when I lost my guy best friend. We have been best friends since we were in the 5th grade and we are currently sophomores in high school. He was my world and I think maybe we were both realizing that feelings were starting to grow and we were scared because of our friendship. One day that all went to the trash when he kissed me and then avoided me and people started rumors and he believed them and not me. I was heartbroken and now it's been 4 months since we haven't talked and I do miss him a lot. But I believe that one day we will make up and maybe my dream of marrying my best friend will come true..

  • by Amber, US
  • 2 years ago

I'm absolutely in love with a guy who, unfortunately, no longer loves me back. I cry often because he was the only person who I trusted for a long time, I want a relationship, he wants a friendship now.. I feel like I lost my best friend who for a while felt like a boyfriend. I have now moved in with a friend and have not spoken with him for 4 months. I will always love him, for he was my first, I recently found out I am pregnant, although I know it is not his, I am naming my child after him in some way. It's crazy how one person can have SUCH an incredible impact on your life!

  • by Shirley, PA
  • 3 years ago

I miss my ex boyfriend of 2 and a half years, he asked me to marry him and dumped me a week later. I feel so lost and alone without him. He was my world and I was nothing but a girl to him. My heart will forever be broken. I know that no guy will ever love me. Every guy I have ever dated has tossed me aside.

  • by Josh, Missouri
  • 4 years ago

Idk who would see this comment but I lost the girl of my dreams because I lied about who I was and am. I was just so scared to lose her I mean she is so much better than me. I feel the strength. Of this poem 10xs harder and somebody skimming threw it.....I'm sport Brittany I know we will never be back together but I'm allowed to dream it in my head right? ? If I got the chance again I will keep this poem in my back pocket everyday and read it everyday to remind me how I feel now and not to lose her or feel lonely I mean no matter how many girls I get with I always feel lonely without her

  • by Maureen Porti
  • 2 months ago

Who would ever want un-wanted love? You are worth so much more. Love is an action. To show love, to laugh, to communicate together. Love yourself first and walk with your head up. I was loved for many years, but God needed his precious love. We will see each other one day.

  • by Michaela Loughhead
  • 1 year ago

Wow! This touched me. But in a relationship telling the truth is always the best thing because then you know you can really trust each other. The same thing happened to my boyfriend, I wasn't 100% honest with him.

  • by Kali
  • 6 years ago

My boyfriend of 2 years left me. Out of nowhere and he wont tell anybody why. We were so happy, and I am still so in love with him. I've tried to talk but he ignores me. He hates me. AUGH! ): . He's been so cruel to me since, and I still love him with everything.

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