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Poem About A Mischievous Puppy

I had been suffering with depression for some time, so my children decided it would be a good idea to get me a puppy to cheer me up and help me relax. How naive we all were to think that having a puppy to care for would be relaxing. However, she definitely cheered me up.

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My Puppy Is A Handful


Published: May 2014

My puppy is a handful,
So full of energy.
She jumps around to greet us
And wags her tail with glee.

She digs when in the garden,
Getting muddy from her head to her toes.
Whatever goes on in her mind,
Heaven only knows.

She bolts her food so quickly
And barely chews at all.
She saves her chewing for the rug,
Our shoes and the kitchen wall!

Everyone tells me she will improve,
And I want to believe what they say,
So I'm hoping our dear little puppy
Will become docile one day.

We want to create a harmonious home,
So we'll try exercise, discipline and rest,
And trust that she will calm down,
For we can only do our best.

Remember the saying,
"Let sleeping dogs lie."
Now I have my own puppy,
I can understand why!


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