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I wrote this to my son. He has sickle cell and has had and hard life. He is 18 today 12/15/2012. When he was a few months old we were told he had this life long painful disease. It has really hurt his ability to be a normal child. But through it all he managed to become the most loving young man you will ever meet. I hope this can help others. You see according to the doctors he would never see 18. Ain't GOD GOOD!!!

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My Son On Your 18th Birthday


Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014 with permission of the author.

Dear Son,
You have finally made it to your 18th Birthday! 
Wow, it came so fast
We surely have come a long way
You have truly been a blessing to my life
I remember the day I found out you were on the way
my first my best oldest SON
When you entered this world I was told I wouldn't have you long
BOY were they wrong!
You have gone through a lot within these 18 years
God had always made sure you had the best of doctors, nurses and
Oh yeah MOM
I remember your handsome blue eyes, head full of hair
your chubby little body but most of all
I remember your hugs and kisses always made my day
As a little boy I saw you go through so much
You fought a great fight
You are a great SON
You are a great young man
And one day you will be a great husband
A great father
And most of all a great man of GOD
He has been there even when I wasn't and for that I'm grateful
You got to know that your life is indeed a blessing to anyone who has a need for a true story
Of strength, passion, love, beauty, courage and power
And even though your father fled away
GOD gave you a Dad to save the day
So look up son you are blessed
Because GOD just keeps giving you his Best
So now I must let you fly away
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