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Mom With Depression

My mum helped my brother through his fight with a brain tumor for over 18 years. When he did pass, she felt life wasn't worth living without him and went into a spiraling depression. No one knew what to say to her other than the usual things to support someone you love. So I thought I'd try to write what she was feeling, and I gave it to her to let her know I understood.

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Traffic Light


Published: April 2011

This traffic light inside my head
Is always green and never red.
My thoughts, my dreams, and all my fears,
They all speed past my listening ears.

I close my eyes to block it out,
But inside my head they rush about.
I take a breath to slow it down,
But upon my face appears a frown.

My heart beats fast,
But my breathing slows.
I breathe in life
Then out it goes.

My body's numb,
Yet I feel my tears.
I've lost count of the days,
The months, and the years.

This traffic light
Inside my head...
I'm scared of the day
When it turns red.



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  • 8 months ago

This poem is quite similar to the pain I’m going through right now. I thought family was considered your shield and weapon, but my family is the first to judge and criticize me as a person, bad mouth me to people who are strangers to them. It’s so frustrating. I hope one day they will realize that they are not perfect.

  • 9 months ago

I wish I could call each of these people whose stories I just read (after reading your poem and story) and say you are making a difference in someone's day whether you get to know it or not! I'd be your dearest friend. When we're afraid of that light turning red, please be aware that we have made it to today! Strength is within you. Maybe you can't feel it or have trouble understanding or believing it's within, but it's there! You could change your world completely and people who haven't gotten the joy of knowing you yet. Thank you for staying another day. Thanks for waking up, being just who you are. Embrace what you can and lean on these poems.

  • All For Them by All For Them
  • 3 years ago

I have bipolar depression and I can relate so much I think of the past the present the future and the what if's. Separating from my ex husband was the hardest thing he was my rock but thankfully for my children and fiance, they have given me the strength to just fight 1 more day don't think about tomorrow only today and today I'll be strong for them.

  • Patty Cartrette by Patty Cartrette, N.C.
  • 5 years ago

I suffer from something similar to this. I don't know what triggered this last onslaught, unlike the other times, this one has been continual for over 7 years now. I am a prisoner in a prison without bars, locks or doors. In fact, I know there is a way out, but I'm frozen inside by fear that squeezes me so tightly, I can't walk out. I am on meds, but they don't help. I can't touch people or be touched without totally losing all self control. Most often when something like this happens, sometimes it doesn't have to be that I am touched or that I touch, just the sudden sound of a voice beside or behind me, sends me running and screaming loudly, my heart racing, my mouth dry until I have a melt down. Almost always following these is extreme fatigue. I also have tremendous trouble keeping my mind concentrating. I have morbidly death thoughts and fears, as well as always feeling like I just want to hide away safely from everything....Yes, my God is good, yes, I trust him, but I don't yet understand what I'm supposed to be learning, nor why I am reaping these consequences...I do know my precious Lord is Savior and that everything will work out in the end for good. Thank you for sharing this poem.

  • Melissa by Melissa, Texas
  • 8 years ago

this poem made me cry, it is exactly how I feel. I am scared for that red light too. for some reason god does not want me to go yet. I had a near death experience popping a toxic amount of pills. I hope this gets better. :'(

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