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Not A Best Friend

What a true best friend is not.

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This is just like me and my ex-best friend, we were best of friends for 8 years and we never left each other, we'd listen to each other and we'd stand by each other through every little thing...

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Published: April 2008

A "friend" uses friends to accomplish a means to an end.
When you cry,
A "friend" callously brushes it aside and yet expects you to sympathize
When things aren't going right with them.
You call them, they won't answer,
Yet they expect to you to pick up
The phone on the first ring.
Where are they when you need help?
They are doing their own thing
Until it's time to call you to their side.
Still, through it all you have remained their friend.
When will it end?
Hands stretched out expecting,
Always with a friendly, cajoling smile
On their face.
Yet, when you look at them, there is no trace of the deceit inside,
And the uncaring attitude they hide.
They swear they are your friend and somehow make you believe it.
But reality has set in.
The facade they erected, the smiling eyes, the caring words,
Is just a farce.
You have always been there for them,
But where were they
in your darkest hour?
Scarce a trace.
The little sacrifices, the words of encouragement you give,
Are overlooked when it's all about them.
Gifts that were given, long forgotten, like dust brushed under a rug.
Hurt and anger builds up.
What else would you expect?
A change for the better,
Is that too much to ask.
But now you are faced with an insurmountable task
Of living your life with
One less friend.



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  • by Maisie
  • 6 years ago

This is just like me and my ex-best friend, we were best of friends for 8 years and we never left each other, we'd listen to each other and we'd stand by each other through every little thing possible, there was not a day we wouldn't spend together, and then on my prom night I got told by someone she turned me against that she'd been seeing my ex boyfriend who I still have very very strong feelings for and they've been together for a while and she knew that, but reading this it has made me realize that I'm better than letting people get in the way. So you have said exactly what is on my mind so thank you for writing such a great poem. I loved it <3 x

  • by Arek
  • 7 years ago

Very good! I have the same problem as I'm writing this right now, and I hope to fix it but with people like that I don't think its possible

  • by Natasha
  • 7 years ago

I'm Natasha &what your saying is so true I'm going through it right now. we've been friends for at least 5-6 yrs. She betrayed me once and I put it all behind letting her know that I'll forgive but not forget & won't be able to trust her 100 percent. My problem is that I've been always there for her I've put myself all out but when in need I'm faced all by myself they have no time. Told them about but its like they don't care.

  • by Sammi, Johnson
  • 8 years ago

Kim, you took the words right out of my mouth in your story

  • by Kim, Sydney
  • 8 years ago

Great poem! It sums up exactly how I feel at this point.
I was best friends with a girl for 15 years and then one day she decide she didn't want to know me anymore.
I don't know the reason why because she never told me. She just cut me off completely.
It would have been nice if she acted like an adult and spoke to me if she had a problem instead of ignoring me like a 5 year old.
My family warned me that my ex-best friend had changed and become not a nice person. I should've listened to the people who care about me rather than wasting my time on someone who obviously doesn't care anymore.
It took me a while to realize that I don't need people in my life who treat me like she has over the past few months. I should surround myself with people who do care about me.

  • by Charis Featherstone
  • 10 years ago

I am 15 and this poem really reminded me of a friend I once had. We were best friends for years, until she started dating our 21 year old youth worker and treated me badly while doing so. I remained a good friend, but she hurt me so much. Your poem is beautiful, thank you.

  • by amelia
  • 10 years ago

Hi, I'm 13 and am feeling the same way about one of my friends. I now know what I have to do thank you. You made me cry!(:

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