Life Lesson Poem

Nurse Learn From Patient Poem

Kimberly Johnson, RN, BSN. I have been a nurse my entire life. My patients have taught me how to live.

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Life Lessons


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2012 with permission of the Author.

I sat at the bedside
of a dying man.
With tears in his eyes,
he reached for my hand.

Technology had failed him,
his prognosis very poor.
He needed something different.
He needed something more.

The BP cuffs wraps tightly
around his dwindling arm
tell me the numbers I look for
to guarantee no harm.

It all seems so redundant
just a little matter of fact,
for the boundaries of life and death
are far too abstract.

Instinctively, I knew his needs.
It all seemed crystal clear.
My touch, my voice, my presence
as the angel of death loomed near.

His respiration was labored now.
His consciousness began to fade.
I remembered all the times we shared
and the promises that we made

To remember what really matters
within the confines of the heart.
To love, to honor, and cherish
and kindness to impart.

My teacher of life's lessons
took his final breath.
I felt the peace within his soul.
His spirit now at rest.

This is the essence of caring,
the touch of the human soul.
No BP cuff or stethoscope
will ever make one whole.


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