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How To Fight An Ego

© more by Angie

Published by Family Friend Poems May 2008 with permission of the Author.

Have you ever fought an ego?
It's a pretty tough thing to beat
It has no face, no head, no heart
It has no hands or feet

You cannot see it with your eyes
No matter how long you stare
And though you cannot touch it
It will let you know it's there

An ego will fight dirty
An ego does not care
It will kick and stomp and bite you
But it's invisible, so beware!

An ego's really ugly
Although it has no face
It lives and breathes and haunts you
From its own time and space

The only way to defeat it
Is to leave its ugly home
And this, my friends, is what is made
Of flesh and blood and bone

Turn your back and walk away
Don't sing its ugly song
It's going to take all of your might
Before it's really gone

The only way to kill it
(It's hard, but you must try)
Is to open your mouth, take a deep breath
And firmly say, "Good-bye!"


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