Life Lesson Poem

A Lifetime Of Learning

The best use of a list poem may be to pass along a lifetime of lessons, learned from experience and through the examples of others who have inspired me. Enjoy these and perhaps use them to make your own.

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Life Lines

Randy Cadenhead © more by Randy Cadenhead

Published by Family Friend Poems August 2020 with permission of the Author.

Walk where you have never been
and wonder at the beauty of this world.

Wish for the best, but work,
and for its own reward.

Give more than you receive
and share of it.

Be moderate in all things,
except goodness.

Wait your turn
and, on occasion, give it away.

Learn, if just to know,
grow wise.

Dream often,
and find a way to live your fondest.

Do all you can
never to hurt another.

Help someone daily;
it will heal your hurt as well.

Find something you enjoy;
it takes but one to make you happy.

for a book can change your life.

Write your own story,
you may change another's world.

Restore something old
and treasure it.

Reward freely,
repay always.

The greatest dignity is in the respect
given to one who is humble.

Obey and serve,
when it is due.

Always do what is right,
but do so ever with kindness.

Be confident in yourself
and humble before all others.

Befriend those who need,
for they can be the truest.

Love wholly and long
one who is worthy.

Give and receive love fully,
for that is the breath of life.

Be kind to all who will accept it,
and be fair to all others.

Beware that some are not good
and avoid, but never fear them.

Believe in something better,
and live to make it true.

Dig in good earth;
sow new life.

Reap with pride;
cook for pleasure.

Live fully within each moment you have,
for time will not return the chance.

Laugh out loud,
listen always.

Know the taste of longing
and the joy of play.

Listen to the music
you can find in silence.

Sing for the joy of it,
dance for its freedom.

Pray, even when it hard to believe,
for man was not meant to be alone.

Save for tomorrow,
each day.

Share from your heart
and with your hands.

Forgive as you can,
for we are all only human.

Accept what you cannot change,
remember warmly and wisely.

Stand for something that matters,
treasure memories most of all.

Trust when you can,
but doubt when you ought.

Know that despite it all,
life is good.


Randy Cadenhead has published a handful of poetry collections. In addition to being a poet, he is an attorney and life-long sailor. Randy and his wife, Debbie Segal, are adjunct professors at Emory Law School.


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