Life Lesson Poem

A Metaphor For Change

Inspired by the writings of C.S. Lewis, this is my first attempt at free verse and, by far, my longest poem to date. I only hope and pray that it keeps the reader's attention, the metaphor is clear and that others can relate.

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The Architect

Doug W Benson © more by Doug W Benson

Published by Family Friend Poems May 14, 2024 with permission of the Author.

I stand here staring
at the open lot of an acre full of guilt,
overwhelmed by the selfish weeds and brush,
and mounds of stubborn graveled rock
that have gradually overtaken my life,
and that need to be removed.
Now is the time and this is the place
to build the new me.

The excavating process will be painful;
Ripping out old brush and their habitual roots
tangled deep within the soil of my soul.
And what appears to be immovable boulders,
with their tops exposed like an iceberg,
showing their false facade of selfish pride
while hiding oh so much shame below;
They all have to go!
If I truly want this to be the place of my dreams,
then they absolutely must go!

I'll then be able to start anew
with solid footings and a foundation
that's built on morals and truth;
For, those two principles need to be
the unshakeable elements
upon which everything else is built.

As for the skeleton,
the framing of walls and corridors,
they will be made with only the best quality of materials;
That is individuals who raise me up,
Those who will stand by me,
providing me with essential support and protection.
Critics, superficial friends and those who are quick to flee
are like wood that's already infested with termites,
waiting to collapse and give way at any moment.
For this new house, I will choose to surround myself within the sturdy walls of
devotion, assurance and love.

Next, the inner workings;
The plumbing,
The gas,
The power,
They will course through this new structure with a newfound spirit of self-discipline.
That deep and internal quality alone
will be responsible for quickly recognizing and flushing out waste in all its forms,
and producing a positive atmosphere
full of energy, warmth and light.

Finally, the siding and roof
must be built with the shingles of self-acceptance and unwavering confidence.
This will allow the storms of life to fall upon me,
as there's no escape nor retreat,
but that I'll not only be able to withstand,
but quickly and efficiently shake off and continue forward
as though I had never been beaten upon.
For, I will hold strong!

This new home is possible!
I am the architect of my life.
The blueprint is laid out before me.
I have all the tools and it's time to get to work!



Doug William Benson has been a practicing physical therapist since 2007. His areas of interest and expertise are in geriatric and neurological rehabilitation including stroke, traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. His newfound love for poetry and expressive writing comes from the recent rediscovery of various poems he wrote in junior...

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