Beauty of Nature Poem

Beauty To Behold

As a child I spent some years in a very beautiful part of Spain. This place will always be my personal paradise. This poem describes that place but also intends to remind us that beauty is everywhere and we don't need to find paradise when this earth already provides us with one.

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Omnipresent Paradise


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2016 with permission of the author.

Irregular at every post,
Every ridge and every fold,
The contour of every coast,
There is beauty to behold.

The light from the sun,
The smile on a child's face so bold
While basking in innocent fun,
There is beauty to behold.

For every grain of sand,
Pine cones define the perfect mold,
Umbrellas shelter the land,
There is beauty to behold.

Bound by a drop to the sea,
Light reflecting ripples of gold,
Cliffs so sheer in their intricacy,
There is beauty to behold.

With each day that goes by,
Octopuses dwell deep in the cold,
Flying fish dive into the sky,
There is beauty to behold.

Paradise is everywhere,
One need not be told,
Free for us all to share,
There is beauty to behold.


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