Snow Poems

Snow Poems

Poems About the Magic of Snowflakes

Winter has very few redeeming qualities. Many animals find that the best thing to do is simply sleep through it. Studies show that human beings sleep more during the winter months as well. One of the few redeeming qualities of winter is snow. There are few things more magical than looking out the window from your house and discovering those first flurries gently falling to the ground. When the snow builds up outside our houses it envelops us in a warm cocoon. The time has come to put on your warm slippers, a cozy blanket, and curl up with some hot chocolate.

17 Winter Snow Poems

  1. 1. Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening

    This deceptively simple poem is by Robert Frost (1874 – 1963). He wrote it in 1922 in a few moments after being up the entire night writing a long and complicated poem. The poem uses an AABA rhyme scheme. The repetition of the last line emphasizes the profundity contained in the last stanza, a popular reading for funerals.

    Whose woods these are I think I know.
    His house is in the village though;
    He will not see me stopping here
    To watch his woods fill up with snow.

    My little horse must think it queer
    To stop without a farmhouse near
    Between the woods and frozen lake
    The darkest evening of the year.

    He gives his harness bells a shake
    To ask if there is some mistake.
    The only other sound’s the sweep
    Of easy wind and downy flake.

    The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
    But I have promises to keep,
    And miles to go before I sleep,
    And miles to go before I sleep.

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    Latest Shared Story

    I was all of 16 years old (1958) at Oak Park High. We finished subjugating and conjugating at the end of our sophomore year. Finally I could put that dangling participle to rest and move on...

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  3. 2. The Silence Of The Snow

    • By Ruth D. Velenski
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2018

    How silent is the snow as it falls and covers everything it touches.

    Poem About The Beauty Of Snow Falling Silently

    The night sky is a dull grey white.
    An opaque dust sheet floats so light
    Upon the roofs and lamps and cars.
    It settles so softly like falling stars.

    It sneaks in crevices and onto window sills.
    Piles up in soft layers over roads and hills,
    Weighs down branches, envelopes bark,
    Skips and flutters across the depth of dark.

    With dawn a scene of raw meringue.
    From bough and bridge and roof does hang.
    Through night's deep slumber - a silent world
    Descended - a ghostly shroud unfurled.

    In slow motion, life begins to show.
    The traffic crawls in a funereal row.
    Children squeal in soundless delight.
    Pedestrians slide in voiceless fright.

    A world transformed into monochrome,
    An aerosol sky spraying its white foam,
    Floating in breathless, boundless speed,
    Submerging all with voracious greed.

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    Oh for the winters of long ago, when the earth would often be covered in snow. How beautifully this poem describes snowflakes silently falling throughout the still of the night and the world...

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  5. 3. Snow Day

    • By Sam D
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems January 2009

    Hi. I'm Sam. I am 12 years old. I chose to write this poem because I wanted a snow day. I wrote about all the stuff I would do, like sledding or drinking hot chocolate. The funny thing is the next day we actually got a snow day and I got to do all the things I mentioned in my poem.

    Snow is falling to the ground,
    Piling up in enormous mounds.
    School is canceled for the day.
    Children run outside to play.

    Snowballs are thrown in the air.
    No one has any care
    About school - only fun,
    Because the day is a snowy one.

    Snowmen are stacked very high;
    Their top hats almost skim the sky.
    To make them round, they must pat,
    Then finish off with mittens and hat.

    As the weather gets cold,
    The children are told
    To come inside and eat -
    Enjoy hot chocolate with a couple treats.

    Once the kids are done,
    They put on their gear for some more fun.
    Some of them play around,
    While other kids just lay on the ground.

    Another kid makes snow angels
    Until the dog named Bojangles
    Runs through his masterpiece,
    But then the owner yells cease.

    After Bojangles
    Ruins all the snow angels,
    Kids slide down the hill
    'Til they are bitten by a chill.

    Almost over is the day.
    The children start to walk away.
    As snow falls, so does the sun.
    Time to go in; the day is done.

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    We, in grade three, love your snow poem. We have included own illustrations and we are going to read your poem to our Learning Buddy class of grades primary and one! We like having snow days too!

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  6. 4. Desert Places

    Robert Frost (1874-1963) spent many years living in New England, and a lot of his poetry was inspired by the landscape around him. In “Desert Places,” he uses the emptiness created by a snowstorm and the darkness of night to compare to depression and emotional turmoil. The loneliness of nature is nothing compared to the loneliness one experiences from their own darkness and isolation. Robert Frost had his own bouts with depression.

    Snow falling and night falling fast, oh, fast
    In a field I looked into going past,
    And the ground almost covered smooth in snow,
    But a few weeds and stubble showing last.

    The woods around it have it--it is theirs.
    All animals are smothered in their lairs.
    I am too absent-spirited to count;
    The loneliness includes me unawares.

    And lonely as it is that loneliness
    Will be more lonely ere it will be less--
    A blanker whiteness of benighted snow
    With no expression, nothing to express.

    They cannot scare me with their empty spaces
    Between stars--on stars where no human race is.
    I have it in me so much nearer home
    To scare myself with my own desert places.

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    The time was 1958, the school Oak Park River Forest High, in a western suburb west of Chicago. The class was English Literature, and the teacher was Mildred Linden. After Christmas break, we...

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  7. 5. Winter, Winter

    • By I. Mignosa
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2013

    I am an 11-year-old poet, illustrator, author, and spelling-bee enthusiast. I have been writing poems since I entered 4th grade at my new school, but I have been writing stories all my life. I love to fall asleep with my nose in a book! I wrote this poem last winter and my little sister loves it.

    Winter, Winter,
    can you see?
    You mean a whole
    lot to me!

    Winter, Winter,
    do you know
    I love the fluffy
    pure white snow?

    Winter, Winter,
    you're turning snow into ice.
    Winter, Winter,
    that's not very nice!

    Winter, Winter,
    you're a big show.
    We make snow people
    'til it's time to go!

    Winter, Winter,
    there are angels on the ground.
    Winter, Winter,
    they're all around!

    Winter, Winter
    it's Christmas Eve.
    Winter, look
    at our beautiful trees!

    Winter, Winter,
    make it snow
    So that Santa
    can come and go!

    Winter, Winter,
    come right up!
    Come have some hot cocoa
    in a cup!

    Winter, Winter,
    don't go away.
    I really, really
    want you to stay!

    Winter, Winter,
    I know you must go,
    but before you do,
    make one last snow!

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    Snow white fluff
    We've had enough
    Gracefully flowing
    While it's snowing
    Angry piles left by plows
    All of the horrays turn into growls!

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  8. 6. Snowflakes

    I caught snowflakes
    on my fingertips
    but they melted
    to my dismay.
    I could not hold on
    to something
    that did not want
    to stay.

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    Awesome. When more of us realize that, the better off we all will be. I really like this poem.

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  9. 7. Our Exquisite Snowman

    This poem is about braving a snowy, winter's day to build a snowman.

    Making A Snowman

    There's a silence so loud that it's deafening,
    And the sun seems unusually bright.
    The world is awakening to a bitter cold morn
    And a crystalline blanket of white.

    Our breath can be seen in the frigid air,
    Our boots crunch, crunch with our stride.
    Shovels resound in the midst of their battle,
    As people now brave the outside.

    Snowflakes still fall, leaving drops in the snow.
    They melt as they land on our tongues.
    People all bundled up tight to keep warm,
    Suited up to let loose and have fun.

    We're also determined to have a good time,
    As we take our own stand in the snow.
    The crisp, frosty wind tries to chase us away,
    Pushing our backs as we go.

    But no matter our struggle with winter's attack,
    Our excitement just won't let us wait.
    The snow is falling harder and steadier now,
    And there's a Snowman that we must create.

    Rolling the snow into big hearty balls,
    Stacking each one on the last.
    Charcoal for eyes and a long carrot nose,
    And a hat and a scarf to add class.

    A day made of wonderful memories,
    Hours of laughter and childish fun.
    And as time rushes by, we realize with glee,
    That our work on our Snowman is done!

    The gold, dimming sun retreats from the sky.
    We are shivering and chilled to the bone.
    Farewell and adieu to our shimmering pal,
    And hello to the fires of home.

    I gaze out at the night, as the house settles down,
    And from the window I watch the snow fall.
    And there in the glow of the fullest of moons,
    Our exquisite, plump Snowman stands tall.

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    I was lucky enough to accidentally stumble on your poetry, which I very much enjoy. Like you, I am retired and finding writing poetry very therapeutic, both in lockdown and because my husband...

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  10. 8. A Winter Surprise

    • By Jocelyn Larrabee
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2013

    This poem, written by a thirteen year old girl, is about a winter with something missing. The girl in the poem expresses that there's everything about winter except for the most exciting one-snow. But then when the snow falls, everything's practically perfect.

    The lakes are covered with ice;
    Our trees are full with frost.
    It seems as a good nice winter,
    but one thing, one thing is lost.

    ~The Snow-The Snow-The Snow!

    The fireplace is a cracklin',
    the moon is full and bright.
    The stars are just there twinklin',
    It seems as a perfect night.

    But what is there missing?
    Maybe the perfect sound?
    Nothing but the wind gusts,
    blowing the snow around.

    The fire goes out;
    the babies start cryin',
    The wind picks up;
    I start smilin'.

    Could it be?
    Finally some snow!?
    I looked out the window to see a dimming glow.
    I drank my hot chocolate,
    which warmed my body.

    Then, like a lion, I jumped into bed,
    and slept.

    When the light had shown in,
    I sprung out of bed.
    So quick, she heard me, my mom said.

    I looked outside, and saw no brown.
    The ground was bright!
    The ground was white!

    Whiter than the whitest of rice,
    Whiter than the cotton like clouds of the sky.

    Maybe, just maybe, winter would be pretty nice!

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  11. 9. Mother Nature's Apology For Hurricane Harvey

    Some months back, Hurricane Harvey devastated my city. Late last night - an extremely rare event for us - snow. This morning, it has blanketed us and is incredibly beautiful!

    A Beautiful Blanket Of Snow

    A stranger came here late last night
    Silent puffs of falling white
    Frigid, falling, drifting down
    Unusual this far down in a southern town

    Blanket soft and purest clean
    Rarely do we have this scene
    Every roof and every tree
    Covered in such purity

    It was only months ago
    The hurricane did fury blow
    Floods did havoc sadly bring
    And wrecked most nearly everything

    But now the sky descends in peace
    Gray-damp clouds and snow like fleece
    Whisper wind of gentle sound
    Floating, falling to the ground

    And like a bandage covers deep
    The scars our hearts will always keep
    For Christmas comes and now we see
    Nature says she is so sorry

    She drops her flakes as if to show
    Her love with gifts of gentle snow
    Here just before this Christmastide
    The scars of Harvey...she will hide

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  12. 10. Snowman

    • By Lanie Harper
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2009

    I wrote this after a trip in the snow with my best friend.

    As our feet sink in the snow
    We build a snowman
    No one will know
    For the snow will melt away
    As the night turns to day

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  13. 11. A Snowy Day

    • By Vander Lloyd
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2018

    My poem is an ABC poem about a child's perspective of a snowy day.

    ABC Poem About A Snowy Day

    As soon as snow falls, we
    Bundle up and head outside.
    Children everywhere come together for a
    Daring snowball fight until
    Eventually one team surrenders.
    Fighting through the snow to get back home, being
    Greeted by mom with a steaming cup of
    Hot chocolate with marshmallows.
    Intensely running to the door, I was
    Jerked backed before going outside.
    Keeping my thoughts to myself, I
    Looked out the window at all the freshly fallen snow. I
    Mourned the loss of not going back outside.
    Nagging at the roof were several icicles.
    Once getting to the long night, I
    Planned my adventures for tomorrow.
    Quietly running downstairs,
    Racing pass my mom in the kitchen, I
    Stepped down the slippery steps,
    Taking my time so I wouldn’t fall.
    Under the tree I built a snowman.
    Venturing to neighbors' houses to
    Wait for my friends to
    Excitedly figure out something fun,
    Yelling for help when I went back inside, because my
    Zipper got stuck on my shirt.

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  14. 12. The Day The Snow Finally Came

    • By Kathleen E. Sorensen
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems March 2017

    Yearning for snow or anything that makes the heart happy is my inspiration. My enclosed poem, "The Day the Snow Finally Came," shares the joy that the first snowfall of the season brings to one's spirit. This poem also expresses that feeling of waiting and the delight that comes when your heart's desire is finally given to you. I have lived in Alaska my entire life and love waiting for the first snowfall of the year. Knowing it must come is always a special time for me.

    Waiting For Snow To Fall

    "It's the middle of winter," they would say,
    But I just stared in dismay.
    "How could it be winter without a blanket of snow?"
    They said, "We do not know."

    I waited hours, I waited weeks,
    Yet you could still see those mountain peaks.
    "The snow will not come this year," I thought.
    Not a single dot.

    I wanted to build a beast of a snowman this year
    And sled down those snow hills with no fear.
    Ski around the maze of trails with ease,
    Seeing all the lovable white trees.

    Then one day I saw something fall,
    And it was so very small.
    There were millions of them coming.
    Oh, it was stunning!

    The sun made the snow sparkle like glitter.
    It was a real homerun hitter!
    Today the snow will fall all day,
    Leaving a path of fun on its way.

    I immediately had chills run up my spine.
    This is my heart's sunshine.
    I love the snow so very much,
    And I ran outside to hear it crunch.

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    I remember reading a poem when I was younger about a boy who was in bed and imagined that it snowed outside--I think he heard all the right sounds--and wished so hard that it was snow--but...

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  15. 13. Snow Dream

    • By Ellen Pond
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008

    I started writing poetry about three months ago on the request from a friend. The more I wrote the more I enjoyed it and the words seemed to just come to me. I had taken Creative Writing and a Literature course in college but never thought about poetry. My passion is to give to the less fortunate children of the world. Child Help is an organization I much admire, and if ever I could publish I would donate most of the proceeds to this organization.
    Ellen Pond

    I feel wet snow
    on my cold, dry skin
    As the darkness falls
    to settle in.
    The stars shine bright
    to lead my way
    Through tall, snow covered trees
    which bend and sway.
    I know not where I came from
    or where I will go,
    while strange noises crunch
    the new fallen snow.
    I have no fears
    of this strange, dark place
    where sounds surround me
    without a face.
    The night goes on peacefully
    dark and slow,
    with all beauty shining
    as a glistening glow.
    I have been here before
    though I know not when.
    As sure as I know
    I will be here again.
    A place that is quiet,
    safe comforting me,
    while the icy brook flows
    'round a sweet smelling tree.
    I feel wet snow
    on my warm, soft skin.
    It is this dark place
    that I want to be in.
    Then I open my eyes
    and it all floats away,
    As bright warm sun shines
    on a brand new day.
    Window panes covered
    in sparkling frost,
    reminds me of a beautiful thing
    I have lost.
    My heart tells me in hours
    this day will be past,
    when the nighttime comes
    to me slowly at last.
    I am back in the snow
    so pristine and clean.
    Sadness shows me I've found
    this was only a dream.

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  16. 14. Touched By Snow

    two souls connecting

    Souls Connecting

    A small girl on a frozen pond... skates in hand.
    A small pond... trees near by... snow is falling.
    A bench to put on her skates.
    A twinkle in her eye.

    Touched by the wind on her face.
    Spinning... spinning... spinning.
    Snow flakes are falling.
    Together, a picture.

    A young woman kneels near the ice.
    Her eyes catch the eyes of a small girl there.
    Spinning... spinning...
    She feels the presence of eyes upon her.

    An old woman sits on the bench.
    Her thoughts drift...
    Eyes twinkle behind closed lids.
    Painting pictures in the snow.

    A small girl arrives... she sits on an empty bench.
    Snow flakes fall.
    She looks over a frozen pond... trees near by.
    A gust of wind... snow flakes spinning.

    Copyright 2008 David Hoffmann

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  17. 15. Snowflakes

    • By Nina Lin
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2012

    It looked like it was going to be a green Christmas instead of a white Christmas. The snow that wouldn't snow inspired me to write this poem. :]

    Short Poem About Snow On Christmas

    So pure, so white, the most beautiful creation
    Words cannot describe this sensation
    Delicacy of this one tiny flake,
    Will eventually fall and only break
    This unique one of a kind,
    Will definitely blow your mind

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  18. 16. The First Snow

    • By Jason Williams
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2008

    Well, a class assignment that I thought turned out to be a wonderful piece of writing. About the winter we had last year, even though we never had much snow.

    Everything gets covered,
    As the powder falls down.
    The snow seems to be discovered,
    As kids start to leave town.

    The rushing and running,
    As kids go out and play.
    Just to view the fun,
    That would keep them out all day.

    Slipping and sliding,
    And making snowmen.
    While staying in hiding,
    From the blistering wind.

    The kids come in inside,
    To drink something hot.
    And go back outside,
    To make a snow yacht.

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  19. 17. Sledding

    • By Samantha
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 2011

    This was a memory of mine about sledding fun in the snow

    I jump on to the toboggan,
    landing behind my friend.
    We ride down the hill,
    the sled not lagging an inch
    in the thick snow that covers the ground.

    I close my eyes, opening them
    just in time to see
    that we are headed into the bushes.
    We put our hands out,
    ready for the attacks
    of loose branches,
    striking hard like iron bars.

    Little burrs jump on to us,
    as if to get away from this cruelty.
    The snow hits us and takes
    our little hitchhikers into the shrubbery.

    Not soon enough our ride is over -
    our bellies ache,
    and our wonderland has been destroyed.
    We look back at the branches
    that have been whacked to a pulp.

    The trees sigh and wave goodbye
    and give a not-so-sincere apology.
    Luckily Mom will be waiting with the cure -
    a tall cup of ginger tea.

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