Spiritual Poem about Death

A Child's Spirit Living On After Death

My beautiful and dearly beloved daughter committed suicide over an extremely verbally and emotionally abusive and psychologically cruel email letter that she had received on April 13th, 2008. My daughter was a victim of severe child abuse, bullying, cyber-stalking, internet harassment, and death threats. Prior to her suicide/death she was a model and actress completing two movies in L.A., CA. She is listed as "Brandi Rose" at the Internet Movie Database. She is deeply missed.

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On The Edge Of Tomorrow

© more by Julie N Partch Hawbaker

Published by Family Friend Poems October 2016 with permission of the Author.

On the edge of tomorrow,
Between the death of night
And the birth of a new day,
Time stands still,
For just a moment
Held in God's infinite grace.

It is there,
On the edge of tomorrow
I see my beloved's face.

Forever 26
She will always be.

Passing days
Will never erase
Her radiant smile
From my memory,
Nor mend the hole in my heart,
Which her suicide tore apart.

On the edge of tomorrow,
Between the death of night
And the birth of a new day,
She lingers there,
My beloved daughter
For a while.
Her laughter and song carries on the wind
For miles and miles.
She dances with the dawning light.
A twirl, a spin, a twirl, a spin.
She is my beautiful whirlwind.
She scatters the sunshine into the day
And forces the sunbeams to take flight.
Coloring the skies is her task
To make this glorious morning last.
Filled with joy and at peace,
She merrily pirouettes away.
Spilling purples, peaches, and pinks,
She paints the horizon in a wink.
Chasing away the gray and darkness of the night
She has found release.
Pleasing her Heavenly Father is her goal.
This little ballerina will never grow old.
Only she truly knows
Why her spirit was dying to be free.
I am brokenhearted
That she chose to leave me.
My Love, My Beloved, My Sug, My Baby Girl
Has departed.
My love for her just grows and grows.
Together in eternity someday we will be.

On the edge of tomorrow,
Between the death of night
And the birth of a new day,
My heart is filled,
For she has found her resting place.
She is safe from the cruelty of this world
The harshness, the abuse, and the insults that were hurled
No longer touch her,
Wound her no longer.
She has become whole,
And stronger.

Forever 26
She will always be.

On the edge of tomorrow,
Between the death of night
And the birth of a new day,
I will leave my sorrow.
Knowing rays of sunshine
Fill her soul with glee.
Watching her smile, laugh, sing, and dance
With the bright morning star
Before our God and Lord
Is heavenly.
Quickly approaches the day
And then the night.
Thanking God for the chance
To see her again.
It is such a blessed sight.
With God's help in time
My heart will mend.
Content on the hopes and promises that tomorrow holds
Am I.
Praying my love she can feel
The warmth of her mother's embrace.
Assured our destinies are forever sealed.
The future I can now face.
Never having again to say goodbye.
Both our names are written in the Book of Life.
Knowing she is not far
I will wait for her.
My BrandiRose, My Firebrand, My Flaming Sword,
My Naami Dea.
On the edge of tomorrow.

"The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit."
{Ps. 34:18}

Written In Memory of my Beautiful and Deeply Beloved Daughter, BrandiRose, on her 34th Birthday, March 26th.
By Julie N. Partch Hawbaker


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