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Giving Hope During COVID-19

I wanted to write something positive and to give hope during these difficult times. It is the first poem that I have submitted.

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One Day

Lucy Petersen © more by Lucy Petersen

Published by Family Friend Poems April 2020 with permission of the Author.

One day I will be back,
And we'll be smiling face to face.
The worries of the last few weeks
Will be gone and all erased.

See, I've been dreaming of this moment
For quite a while now,
Thinking what we will get up to
Without a frown upon our brow.

I may be a little older,
Gained some wrinkles and some pounds,
But I'm still the same old me
That you liked to have around.

We'll maybe take this moment
To appreciate what we have.
Give light to all the darker moments
Yet to cross our path.

For now, we must all toe the line
And do as we are asked
So we can meet again some day
And all enjoy a laugh.

I promise there will be sunshine
And brighter days to come,
But for now, all I ask of you
Is for you to stay home.


more by Lucy Petersen

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