Inspirational Friend Poem

When life seems dark and dreary and no hope can be seen, the power of friendship is there to help us remain strong against adversity.

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Force Of Friendship


Published: July 2007

Roads in life are often twisted,
Strewn with damaged dreams and hopes.
Often, all that is left is empty space,
With little direction, few ways to cope.

In the darkness, in the silence,
Only faint memories of joy are heard.
Overrun by difficulties and stresses,
We strain to understand a single word.

It is in those times, when faith is fading,
When no questions of life make sense,
The truth of friendship calls our name,
Says what seems broken only has dents.

Out of the silence, the night so dark,
Growing from dim to almost sunlight.
We see other faces, they are all around us,
Lending their strength to increase our might.

Now we're stronger, no longer silent,
Our voices are a chorus; hope is on the mend.
Blessings abound because we are surrounded,
By great men we have the honor to call friend.



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