Betrayed Friend Poem

Poem About Lying Friend

I wrote this poem not quite sure if I could ever trust anyone in life.

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Other Side


Published: March 2010

I thought I could trust you
when I told you what I felt.
My secrets I left in your hand .
If I went to sleep late last night, you knew.
If I had a date to go to,
you would beg me to stay.
I could not lie to you, for you were my best friend,
until I met your other side.
Don't deny anything to me 'cause all you say is a lie.
You told me I was beautiful, and for the first time I believed it,
but I was wrong, or maybe I can trust you.
I am confused, what should I do?
Should I trust you or not?
You tell me it's okay,
that my secrets are safe with you,
but what if you say something or maybe your other side does.
I don't want to meet it, but I think I already have.
When you promised me your friendship
and that it will always last, but you lied .
Well, goodbye to you and your so called other side.



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