Lost Friend Poem

My best friend was not there and I still need her in my life. It's a remembrance poem for a best friend.

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Want You Back


Published: May 2009

Tears run from my eyes
Staining my unloved cheeks
Knowing you don't love me
You think my friends are geeks

You used to always be there
When I needed a shoulder to lean on
But now I don't know what to do
Or even know how to act upon

Now all I can do
Is sit by my window and cry
Waiting for you to come home
Now thinking I'm the bad guy

What did I do to make things end this way?
Was it my friends?
Or was it just me?
Not knowing if I'm descending.

All I know know is the tear that run from my eyes
Calling for a friendship
I know there aren't any like you
But I will try to find someone
And replace the empty place in my heart
That you just left hanging

But always remember
You'll be somewhere in my heart
And my final words to you are



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