Betrayed Friend Poem

I was best friends with a girl for a while. It seemed like we would be for years. Then within an instant she simply chucked me aside for someone else. We've never talked about it, and she's never explained that I did something wrong. This is how I feel about our friendship, not sure if I'll ever be able to tell her.

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You Were Everything That I Had


Published: March 2010

Once upon a time,
I thought you were my friend.
That you would always be there,
Until the very end.

But somehow it seems that all I was,
Was there to fill the gap
Until you found another friend
Who put up with your crap.

I don't think you quite understand
How much I needed you
And how so very betrayed I feel,
Surely you can see that's true.

I'm not quite sure just what I've done wrong,
But something I haven't done right.
Since quite recently you've just cut me out
And lifted me out of your sight.

I've said it before and I'll say it again,
You were everything that I had.
But now I have nothing, I'm left here alone.
All confused and bitter and sad.


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