Heartbreak Poem

Dealing With Depression After A Breakup

After my breakup, I fell into a dark place. I pushed away all of my friends and felt abandoned. The only thing that keeps me going is just the hope that someone new may have the patience to save me from this prison I've made for myself.

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Published by Family Friend Poems May 2018 with permission of the Author.

The rain falls upon the stone.
No longer is it of use,
For a crack has ruined its purpose.
It is now only a tool for abuse.

A careless heart created the crack,
Allowing the rain to increase the ravine,
So now the rock only crumbles,
Creating a depressing scene.

Yet alas, a blossom rises from the shards.
The unforgiving rain drowns the bud,
Causing it to wilt,
Falling back to the mud

Until a careful hand
Led with patience and care
Saves the dying flower
From all its darkness and despair.


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