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What will you put in your magic box.

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The Magic Box


Published: January 2008


         I will put in my box
The blazing fire from a Chinese dragon,
The first sound of a baby's laugh,
The sight of glitter from a fairy
        I will put in my box
A wolf howling in the middle of the night,
A dolphin in the Mediterranean sea,
Red lava falling from the sky
        I will put in my box
Three red wishes spoken in Japanese,
The best joke ever told by my grandma,
And the first smile of my baby sister
        I will put in my box
Green snow and a maroon moon,
A pencil that doesn't write,
And a gorilla that can talk
My box is made from ice,
gold and onyx with jade on the lid and secrets in the corners it's hinges are rubies
I will skate on my box on the yellow see across the Atlantic ocean then slide on the gold beach of Majorca the color of the sun set
              Curtis M



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