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I was just having a bad day and needed to talk to someone. I wished that I had an angel, someone that was really special, that I could tell anything to, that was all I really needed.

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Its a new day, filled with so many things whether they are good, bad, or in between. The measure of the moments spent and sometimes felt as if there is nothing to show for it reaps great and...

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Send Us An Angel

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Published by Family Friend Poems October 2008 with permission of the Author.

Ever mess up and can't fix your mistake?
Only have one friend, cause they're too hard to make?
Ever feel alone, by yourself in the world,
sit in bed at night as your brain starts to twirl?
Ever been hurt so badly that you can't recover?
No one to talk to,
not a friend, sister, or brother.
All you got left to do is pray,
pray for a better way,
'cause when life gives you trouble, what can you do?
Pray that God sends an angel to you,
'cause if you had an angel to brighten your smile
sit and talk to you once in a while,
imagine your problems disappear.
If only a friend would appear.
So pray; pray for a better way.
It's all you got left to do.
Pray God sends an angel to you.


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  • Pamela Barber, Tulsa, OK. by Pamela Barber, Tulsa, OK.
  • 9 years ago

I have been trying to so hard not to cry everyday, I don't have any friends left since my ex and I separated 9 months ago. I spend all my time alone. There is so much I want to say to someone. When I do meet new people I feel I scare them off because I tend to talk too much too soon....(I feel like I am in a crowded room full of people and I am screaming to the top of my lungs and no one hears me).... This is how I feel on an everyday basis...I would like nothing more than to have someone just listen to what I have to say, I don't want any feedback just let me ramble. I WANT A FRIEND.

  • Florida Bird by Florida Bird
  • 9 years ago

Its a new day, filled with so many things whether they are good, bad, or in between. The measure of the moments spent and sometimes felt as if there is nothing to show for it reaps great and immeasurable and lasting impressions on the heart and minds of others when you give all you have with nothing left to the enrichment of the lives and spirits of others, so when you look back on your path and can only find it twisted with the turns in life just know that very path was one worth traveling just knowing you gave it all at that moment on that path with no regrets you can move forward with peace in your heart that you serve a purpose that sometimes makes no sense to human logic because you were never meant to look back and judge the paths you walked or the many things you encountered along the way you were meant to just keep walking and keep gouge eyes on the path ahead understanding everyday is a new day and the path you take is meant to bring you closer to that final destination.

  • Seamus Fleming by Seamus Fleming, Dublin Ireland
  • 9 years ago

I'm retired now but am still working doing voluntary work with an Intellectually Disabled person and I also visit in an insane asylum. Many years ago in the 90's I had left work at 5pm on a Thursday evening and very depressed from the pressure of the work I travelled across the city to visit a unit in a psychiatric hospital in the west of our city and in this unit there were 25 patients mostly elderly. I would give each person some fruit, sweets and a cigarette and I would chat to most of them.
However there were two who were my main reason for the visit and I would give these two the most time in my 1 hour visit. Coming towards the end of the visit I would go around each individual and shake their hand and say 'Good night and God bless and I'll see you in two weeks time', as I was just walking out the door one of my special two 'old ladys' called me back and said 'hey fella' I want to tell you something, (I paused thinking to myself that I was going to miss my bus) However, I went over & knelt down before her and asked her what did she want to say, and she said, 'that she loved me and that she would never forget me and would always remember me because I never forgot to come to see her'. With the exception of a very old neighbor of hers I was the only other person in her life. She had a brother who lived far away in the country who barely got to see her once a year.
The reason for my telling you my story is that as I said that I went in to that Unit depressed and after the "Inspirational Chat with my patient" I left that unit on a massive HIGH & skipped with delight along the road on my way to get my bus.

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