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“Waiting at the Window” is about a child looking outside on a rainy day. He could be wishing to be outside playing, but then he notices the raindrops falling down the window. As he continues to watch, he sees the rain drops falling, and he pretends the raindrops are in a race to see which one will get to the bottom of the window first.

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Isn't it awesome how while there is rain we still have something to do!

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Waiting At The Window

A. A. Milne By more A. A. Milne

These are my two drops of rain
Waiting on the window-pane.

I am waiting here to see
Which the winning one will be.

Both of them have different names.
One is John and one is James.

All the best and all the worst
Comes from which of them is first.

James has just begun to ooze.
He's the one I want to lose.

John is waiting to begin.
He's the one I want to win.

James is going slowly on.
Something sort of sticks to John.

John is moving off at last.
James is going pretty fast.

John is rushing down the pane.
James is going slow again.

James has met a sort of smear.
John is getting very near.

Is he going fast enough?
(James has found a piece of fluff.)

John has quickly hurried by.
(James was talking to a fly.)

John is there, and John has won!
Look! I told you! Here's the sun!

Poem of the Day for: 10/22/2017

Children have a way of finding enjoyment in the simplest of things. In this famous children’s poem by A.A. Milne, the speaker of the poem creates a race between two raindrops on his window, and he becomes the commentator who shares the play-by-play action of those drops of water he has named.

Connect Over a Poem:

Talk about your child about what he/she likes to do when it rains, and share your favorite rainy day activities from your childhood.

Fun Activity:

The next time it rains, sit with your child at the window and pretend you are sports announcers who share about the unfolding race in front of you. Whose raindrop will win? 


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  • Dave by Dave
  • 4 years ago

Everyone has had a raindrop race at one time or another. The best was slushy snow. I thought this poem was brilliant.

  • Kristina by Kristina
  • 2 years ago

Isn't it awesome how while there is rain we still have something to do!

  • M.T. Reid by M.T. Reid
  • 8 years ago

I like watching raindrops going down the windows on a rainy day. It's a good way to pass the time.

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