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Mother's Day Poem

I wrote this poem for my mother. Whenever life feels as if it's falling apart. I want her to always remember how far God has brought her and to remember anything that's in our path we are capable of handling it and crossing the finish line.

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Zhana N Washington ©

Published by Family Friend Poems May 17, 2024 with permission of the Author.

Can I orchestrate a ceremony for you?
it never appears timing was too late.
Allow yourself to drown in these flowers
You watered,
But God produced.

I've observed your actions during my adolescence.
Watching you dream with more power than your mind could imagine.
In search for a new foundation,
You attempted to deliberate more knowledge for increase in understanding,
The enemy couldn't stand it!
Resulting in your judgement being tainted.
Mis-identifying your resilience with resistance to patience.
Programming the analytics of your lows and highs my entire life,
In my mind
Enhanced my ability to visualize your life through the sight of Christ.

God's greatest creation was us all.
His selective selection made you great and merciful for us all.
The overcoming of adversity your mind faced,
Programming your suffering as ordinary events that will occur daily from a common state.
Despite all the pain and agony life bestowed upon you,
Compassion, Devotion and Allegiance still reside within you.
It's incredible
Developing that much strength to still sense the essence of life,
Even when turmoil instigating turbulence in a universe invented to interject fear into your mind.
God's interception
Shifted that perception
Into an advanced perspective of life.

Selfishness of this world,
Tried taking the best years of your life.
But holy spirit used what was left,
For your journey with Christ.
Birthing restoration
Is what conceived that acceptable acceptance to his eyes.

No weapon formed against you shall prosper.
No depletion nor defeat,
Has the power to take what's underneath.
His crucifixion generated endurance in you,
Preparing expiration dates for whose to ever go against you.
Not a trail or tribulation
Has the power to apprehend you.

Can I orchestrate a ceremony for you?
Drowning you in flower's
You watered,
But God produced?
Celebrating the blossom Sunflower that was born in you.
A flower that's only for human consume.
Symbolic of loyalty
Vibrant sunny appearance,
Specific description of what God has planted.


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