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Poem About Having Composure

Sometimes we look back on our reactions to situations with a can't-believe-I-did-that look on our face. Things aren't always as they seem in the moment, so it's often better to be calm.

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Published: April 2018

Get annoyed with someone
And explode in fury
But later after calming down
You'd look back
On the huffing and the puffing
And the ranting
And the chanting,
Only to wonder,
What was I thinking?

Get smitten with someone
And lose all sense of judgement
But when their true colour emerges
You'd look back
On the pleasing and the teasing
And the needing
And the pleading,
Only to wonder,
What was I thinking?

Get let down on an expectation
And end up frustrated
But later when things work out
You'd look back
On the fretting and the sweating
And the scurrying
And the worrying,
Only to wonder,
What was I thinking?

But if in the heat of the moment
We can pray for the grace
To maintain a clear head
And a quiet heart
To control the thrilling or feeling
Or the raving
Or the craving.
Later, we won't have to wonder,
"What was I thinking?"

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