Life Lesson Poem

How Quicky Time And Life Pass By

My short poem is about how swiftly life passes by. Even the longest lived lives go by in a flash of time. It's just how it is. I hope this poem will help many to think and realize the swiftness of time in a way that also helps them to rethink every small thing of beauty in their lives here and now as a treasured blessing.

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Published: March 2018

Life's brevity, so bittersweet,
depends upon just one heartbeat.

Brief as dusk and swift as dawn,
twilight hour, has come and gone.

Like waves that kiss a sandy shore,
returning to the ocean floor,

and brilliant stars that streak the sky,
must bid the universe goodbye,

and so it is with you and I,
and so it is with you and I.

So, play in waves that kiss the shore.
Enjoy the twilight hours more,

and wish upon the stars that shine,
for only now is yours and mine,

and so it is with you and I
till this brief life we bid goodbye!

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