Romantic Poem

Romantic Poem On The Bond Of Creating Life

A mother writes to the father of her child, telling him of the bond that exists between them.

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Our Son


Published by Family Friend Poems July 2006 with permission of the Author.

What a glorious day
When our souls intertwined and our hearts danced together.
When you flowed in me and a flower blossomed inside.
When a heart began to beat
Life awoke from sleep all because of us.
Our blood joined and formed a third party
Like a supernatural show of illusion.
Slowly a human was formed
Inside of another, implanted by yet another.
We amaze me, he amazes me!
You helped me achieve what none can do alone.
I gave you a piece of you and you a piece of me.
The amazing transformation
from inside to the world was just overwhelming.
I wish you were there.
Just the fact that our baby
a living, breathing creature of God
Came and looked at the world for the first time.
He took his first gasp of air, made his first sound.
We created life together.
A bond was built forever in that instant
That you touched so deep and implanted yourself.
Every time I look at him I see you
I see me
I see yesterday
I see today
I see tomorrow
I see eternity.
I feel joy
I feel love
I feel loss
I feel pride
I feel wisdom
I feel strength
I feel stability
I feel real.
I love us so much, for together, we created our first son


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