Love Forever Poem

A Lifelong Love

I wrote this poem 65 years ago, inspired by the film of the same name and inspired by my first girlfriend. The film was in black and white until the moment when the garden appeared in full color. I reworked the poem recently (age 85), focusing on life changes (including my marriage to a very special Dutch woman whose external and internal beauty drew me to her on our first date (true love at first sight). Love, however, remained forever (perhaps even stronger with the years)! We still live!!

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The Secret Garden

Moshe Sonnheim © more by Moshe Sonnheim

Published: October 19, 2020

In a secret garden,
At a table just for two,
I'll be waiting, darling, waiting there for you.
We'll lock the gate behind us.
The world will never hear
The whispered words, "I love you,
Love you truly, dear."

We've shared our lives together
For nearly fifty years.
We've seen our children growing
Through happiness and tears.
We've watched the flowers blooming
And the saplings growing tall.

But now our flowers are faded
And our trees are old and bare,
And when I look around me,
You are no longer there.

But in our secret garden
At a table just for two,
I'll be waiting, darling, waiting there for you.
The gate will now be open
For all the world to hear
The whispered words, "I love you
Love you, truly, dear."


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