Independence Day Poem

Poem About Faith, Freedom, And American Flag

I am a Christian wife, mother, and grandmother who is wondering how bad things will get before our country will return to believing in God and not be taken to court for saying so. In the face of all the political changes here in our country, it makes me wonder if our elected officials even understand that their elected jobs are God-given. If God can be removed, what other freedom will be taken from us?

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The Spirit Of America


Published by Family Friend Poems August 2011 with permission of the Author.

Our fathers of old built this land
On the leading of God's holy hand.
Each great statesman lived his own life,
Proudly putting his God first in that life.
This country, so beautiful, full of pride,
Shows it in the colors of her flag as it flies.
We see the lovely blue, that for us, does show,
The great expense of God's heaven above.
Both flag and sky carry the shining stars;
Each star showing the beauty of God's love.
The red, so bright, in the stripes gives,
The color of the blood first given by Jesus,
and then lost in the many wars of man
So each American could have so many freedoms.
The white shows first the purity of our God's love;
That we see in each heart that looks to Him above.
In all of America, the greatest earthly spirit is seen,
In the emblem of the strong and soaring eagle.
He shows that each heart that loves God lives free.
We are free to learn from  all our history;
When we learn of our many great statesmen,
Who were men of true Christian conviction.
They knew their God-given duty
Was to live by their Christian values.
Does each one elected today know that he or she
Was elected to carry those convictions for all America?


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