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Poem About The Changes In Society

My poem is about how I believe this society has changed and has become all about lust, sex, looks, and money. It is about how people are stereotyping Christians, Christianity and God. And it is my prayer to God on what this world needs to do to change.

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This World


Published by Family Friend Poems October 2015

Slipping away is this world.
Life was not made just to be sold.
This world is full of hypocrites,
And they are not welcoming your love.

This world treats you like a criminal,
But don't they know
We serve a God that's perfect?

This world should be more
Worried about your protection,
Than their reflection,
Because don't they know
You made them beautiful?

You've given us everything
And we don't give you anything.
Your love is unconditional
But ours is limited.

When will we know
The meaning of your word,
And not just every swear word?
You gave us freedom,
Which we've abused.
And every time we fail,
You're the one we accuse.

Love has turned to lust,
And your definition of marriage
Has been erased.

What will it profit us to gain the world
And lose our souls?
Why is this world counting
On birth control?
Don't they know that
Every baby is a blessing?

Saturday we're undressing
And Sunday we're confessing.
Why has texting turned to sexting?
Pleasure has been made an obsession.
The only thing we should be investing in,
Is your direction.


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