Hurting Poem

Failing Marriage

My marriage has been falling apart for the last few years, no matter what I do. It's hard to talk about, but I have to get it out before it eats me whole.

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Wishes Don't Come True


Published: February 2017

I wish there were words to express how I feel,
But no words I see will do.
No words exist to convey my pain
Or the love I feel for you.

The love that stings like a bee
And makes me swell with pain.
I wish you loved me like honey,
Sweet and thick and sticky,
But that love for me no longer exists,
So I must care for the wound it left.

I wish you cared about me
The way you do our kids,
Loving them for who they are,
Not scowling at them from afar.

I wish you loved me like I love you,
With every inch and mile.
I fall apart every day.
Never at me do you smile.

I wish I made you happy.
I try to every day,
But I can't seem to make you love me anymore.
I cry myself to sleep.
Every day I fail.
Every day I weep.

I wish a lot of thing these days,
But what is there to do?
Life isn't a dream or fairytale.
Wishes don't come true.


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