Hurting Poem

Remembering My First Love

This poem is about my first great love. We were young teenagers so much in love and hoping for a future. Being so young, we had a lot of growing up to do, and the relationship went into a long-distance relationship when he moved back to his home state after finishing school. He was so special, and our 2 1/2 years together was so special. We eventually moved on, and so the love story ended, but he will always be my first great love, but he is also my long-lost love.

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Lost Love

Marcia A. Newton © more by Marcia A. Newton

Published by Family Friend Poems August 18, 2021 with permission of the author.

Do you remember me like I remember you
and wonder how our lives might be if we had said “I do”?
If I could hear those three little words that made my life complete,
my heart would know what my ears had heard and probably skip a beat.

Ours was a love story to remember
from the cold dark winters to warm summer weather.
Because of you, memories still linger
of the promise ring you placed on my finger.

You needed to find your place in this world,
even if it meant with some other girl.
I knew I had to let you go
even though I loved you so.

Remember our last sad goodbye?
Our hearts were broken. Tears burned our eyes...
So the hardest thing I’ve ever done was to accept we had to part.
But I hope you will remember you’ll always have my heart.

And so we kissed and we embraced,
and then I memorized your face.
You walked away to catch your flight
but not before we held on tight.

We both moved on and found new lovers.
I married one. You live with another.
Life is not always what is meant to be,
but I will hope, and dream, and always believe.

Imagining you lying next to me
is only a dream, a fantasy.
And only God knows how I’d feel
if all of my dreams could turn out real.

You are always with me. 
You live inside my heart.
And there you will always be
and never would we part.

I will always love you
and I will always care.
You changed my life forever. 
You’re my one true love affair.

You always knew how to ignite the fire. 
You’ll always be my one desire.
It is always you I’m thinking of.
You'll always be my long-lost love.


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