Fantasy Poem

Poem Getting Lost In A World Of Fantasy

This was one of my first poems. I want to be a writer when I grow up. This poem is about how I just LOVE getting lost in my own little world :) Don't we all?

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Published by Family Friend Poems August 2015 with permission of the author.

The human mind is such a place
It's so wonderful, it leaves me amazed
God gave man so much talent
It's hard to believe how we can keep balance
Between this world and Wonderland
Between this world and Wonderland
The world of fantasy is just so alluring
How we can dive in and get lost
Build worlds without any cost
The only cost of living in fairyland
Is time, my friend, time won't stand
It won't stand and wait for you
As you dream about things that won't come true
But it pulls you in and keeps you there
You want to stay and not go anywhere
The world we live in, it moves too fast
It will call you out and release you from its grasp
Because we all have our way to go and promises to keep
So we can only go there when we are asleep
Wonderland, Wonderland, how we wish it to come true
But not everything in this world goes the way we want it to


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