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I am a fifteen-year-old girl, and all I really want is to become a successful writer. I know that in order to reach this goal I've got to start now, so I wrote this poem to explain how much I want to be a writer and how much I'll put up with to get there. This is a dream I want, and I'm willing to work until I get it. I will oftentimes sit on my bed and write short stories or poems, hoping that it will improve my way of writing to a successful level. I'll keep working to get to my dream!

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Hello, It's a year late in response, and I apologize for that. I haven't checked on this poem for 5 years. I am 20 now...I gave up my love for writing. The world has beaten me down and...

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I Follow My Dreams

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Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011 with permission of the Author.

I get laughed at,
I get ignored,
I often feel trapped,
and I keep my thoughts stored.
People can be cruel and very mean,
but no matter what,
I follow my dreams.

Life has waves;
I know that.
But I stand brave
and just take the crap.
I may feel exhausted and totally creamed,
but no matter what,
I follow my dreams.

I know what I want,
and I won't stop trying.
Quitting? I can't,
for now I'm flying.
It's impossible it seems,
but no matter what,
I follow my dreams...


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  • Kerry by Kerry
  • 3 years ago

Hi Delilah,
Just wanted to let you know that I am impressed with your poem and think that my 14 reading student (that I tutor after school) will love it also. My student, a girl, is just now learning to read. We've worked together for a year, and she is now starting to move forward. Hooray! She wouldn't have been able to read your poem when I first met her, but now after hours and hours of lessons, there is progress and improvement! I chose your poem as reading material for her because I think she will be encouraged by the message you shared! She, too, has to believe in herself and will gain skill as she keeps at it!
Delilah, don't give up on your own dream!

  • Ibrahim Antonio Dosal Murillo by Ibrahim Antonio Dosal Murillo
  • 3 years ago

As someone who passed through something like this, I really liked this poem. It reminds me about those times but still makes me happy every time since I was able to go past it by following my dreams. Seriously, just one of the best poems I've read!

  • Sebastian Mercado Madrigal by Sebastian Mercado Madrigal
  • 3 years ago

Very good poem you did! It's amazing how you follow your dreams after still being tormented by negativity. I think it is very admirable. Great job.

  • Denisse by Denisse
  • 3 years ago

I really enjoyed your poem. I think we can all relate to it because everyone has dreams they want to achieve, and here you're showing how you feel when you are chasing your dreams and how life isn't going to give you want. Life has waves that will try to keep you from reaching your dreams. In general, I LOVE IT.

  • Roberta Ayala Silva by Roberta Ayala Silva
  • 3 years ago

Omg, I really like it. It expresses a lot of emotions in only one poem, I like the way you express it all. It is really cool. Hope you continue writing because I am amazed. You are right - always follow your dreams.

  • Isaac Eduardo by Isaac Eduardo
  • 3 years ago

This type of poem is good for people that can't get up by themselves, and these poems also help children not give up and get up if life gives an obstacle or if people say they will not reach it.

  • Alanna Arzaga by Alanna Arzaga
  • 3 years ago

I think it is very important to follow your dreams, and the person who wrote this helped me a lot with my life, and she motivated me to work toward achievements and to always follow my dreams.

  • Karen Valdes Cantu by Karen Valdes Cantu
  • 3 years ago

I think this was a really good poem because it motivates and makes others understand that no matter what is happening (for example, drama, friend situations, or other things) you need to continue because the important thing here is don't give up and always continue. I think this poem is appealing to teenagers because we are all young and some of us may want to quit our dreams sometimes. Some will think that it is too hard to meet our goals, so we will try to avoid challenges and failure.

  • Ekadasi by Ekadasi
  • 3 years ago

I really like this poem because of the way it's written, besides the fact that it's certainly true. You should never give up on your dreams no matter what other people think or say about you. And I also like a lot of the knowledge the author has about the topic and situation. I just loved it!

  • Romina Diaz by Romina Diaz
  • 3 years ago

I love the poem because you are showing people that they need to keep trying and try until they achieve their goals. You are also saying that people's opinion don't matter, and maybe you can feel sad because of what people say, but your dreams are your dreams; they are nobody else's dreams.

  • Goodness Oj Abah by Goodness Oj Abah, Abuja, Nigeria
  • 5 years ago

I am a thirteen-year-old girl who also has dreams of being one of the world's most renowned writers. I really love your poem. Keep up the good work. You will surely achieve your dreams.

Great poem and so much wisdom to know that no matter who or what is for or against us we need to follow our dreams, because they are our dreams! I really liked this poem!

  • Kaleb by Kaleb
  • 7 years ago

I love this poem because it tells you no matter what, follow your dreams and don't let people tell you not to.

  • Niranjana by Niranjana
  • 7 years ago

I love this poem. It is so true. I love to write but my parents think I am wasting my time but I won't stop dreaming. I will continue to write and make a career out of it. I may not get as much luxury as I would have gotten from being a doctor but at least I will be happy. I won't regret my decision. I know I will be happy and at the end that is what matters.

  • Stephanie Mcglohon by Stephanie Mcglohon
  • 9 years ago

I have to say within your words I found a quaint similarity. I was your age the first time I realized my passion for ink. Your words were very much quite the same as the first emotions I spilled from my pen as well... Keep that close as an outlet of sorts. Let your social silence be the canvassing for the art you will create with your pen and paper. I've come to realize that a well viewed and raw look at life offers the most real forms of written expression .. And please, you are a beautiful gift. Like a seed that flowers through the pavement, it's the ones others call "weird" that see life for the reality it contains. In my eyes your solitude is intelligence far beyond the level of the ones who find laughter. You are a special gift to this place we find our life and trust me when I tell you.. This time is just a blink in this universe thou it may be hard to face today, you might just find some of your greatest work to come from it. Follow your passion. You are a talented young lady. Good Luck -Stephanie, poetry/ songwriter and I'm doing quite well. As could you my new anonymous Friend.

  • Linka by Linka, New Zealand
  • 9 years ago

You are so inspirational and I think you will be a great writer someday!! I showed this poem to one of my good friends who suffers from depression and after he read it he said he felt better and would remember what you wrote forever. So thank you. Thanks to you my friend is now better. He doesn't cut anymore and now he is telling his friends who have depression. I think you are inspirational and would love to read some of your books if you ever publish any ( which you should ). Again thank you

  • Delilah Persey by Delilah Persey
  • 7 years ago

It's a year late in response, and I apologize for that. I haven't checked on this poem for 5 years. I am 20 now...I gave up my love for writing. The world has beaten me down and stolen my ambition for this dream. Reality has smacked me down so hard I didn't think I could recover. I read this review today and it almost put me to tears.

I never thought something I wrote so long ago could change anyone's life. Ever...I sit here in pure awe. You say I am an inspiration. You, my friend, have sparked a flame inside my soul that died out so long ago. You gave me my dream back. I think it's safe to say that YOU have become my inspiration. Thank you so much.

  • James Carter by James Carter, South Carolina
  • 11 years ago

When I was in middle school nobody would listen to me they would just ignored me. It felt like I was talking to myself, it felt like I was in a room all by myself.
People always laughed at me for no reasons just because I'm not smart like everybody else or the way I dress the way I talk or the way I do something. I'm tried of people laughing at me. I feel like I'm invisible and people just walk straight through me...


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