I Love You Poem

Dreaming About What Could Be

Have you ever fallen in love with someone who was just out of you reach? I have and that's what this pome is about.

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You're The Reason


Published by Family Friend Poems February 14, 2023 with permission of the Author.

I fall asleep every night just thinking of you.
Every dream I have I'm hoping will come true,
Just us together,
Just you and I,
Sitting on the ground,
Staring at the sky.

We're like the stars, you and I.
Alone we are bright,
But together we shine.

As I fall asleep at night,
Just thinking about you,
My mind fills with possibilities
That could someday come true.

If you would just give me a chance,
I could show you.
You would see
The endless possibilities,
Enough to fill the sea.

My love for you is strong,
But my hope for us is stronger.

My love, would you just uncover,
The world that you and I have yet to discover.

I dream of that world every night,
As I lay down in my bed,
And then I start to think,
Think about the words between you and I,
The words that have been left unspoken,
The words that have been left unsaid.

Maybe if those words weren't left unspoken,
Maybe if those words weren't left unsaid,
We could be sitting by the stars,
But instead I'm just dreaming in my bed.


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