Poems for Kids

Poems for Kids

Rhyming Children's Poems

Children might not be interested in the mechanics and techniques involved in poetry writing. However, there is an effective way to get them interested in poetry. The key is to read them plenty of poetry written with children in mind. Many children's poems feature things that interest children, things they can relate to, like missing the school bus or cafeteria lunches. Funny poems are the best for getting kids motivated to write their own material. If a poem about underwear or bugs makes them laugh, they are likely to develop a love for poetry even at an early age.

65 All Types of Poems for Kids

  1. 1. What Are My Noises Made Of?

    Sneezes are fireworks
    bursting out your nose.
    Trumps are musicians
    blowing their trombones.

    Yawns are explorers
    keen to see the world.
    Coughs are dusty rags
    trying to unfurl.

    Tummy rumbles are lions
    searching for their prey.
    Snores are tired piglets
    chatting about their day.

    Hiccups are frogs
    jumping with glee.
    Burps are yummy foods
    saying Thanks for having me!

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  3. 2. My Spaceship

    I've a picture of Pluto,
    My white spacesuit,
    My robot Charlie,
    My red moon-boots,
    All hidden tight,
    In my secret lair,
    My spaceship under the stairs.

    Not even Mum,
    Nor my sister Sal,
    Not even Dad,
    Nor my brother Cal,
    Can come with me,
    To my secret lair,
    My spaceship under the stairs.

    I can jet to the moon,
    Or fly to Mars,
    Take my shuttle,
    Or my solar car,
    Shout, 'We have lift-off!'
    On a faraway star,
    In my spaceship under the stairs.

    I can catch a comet,
    Or a meteorite,
    Zoom round and round,
    A satellite,
    Do what I want,
    Whenever I like,
    In my spaceship under the stairs.

    It's my special place,
    When I creep inside,
    To play or think,
    To dream or hide,
    Or just to be there,
    With my old cloth bear,
    In my spaceship under the stairs.

    First published in "Space Poems" chosen by Gaby Morgan, Macmillan.

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  5. 3. A Quick Chant For Keeping You Safe At Halloween

    Acrostic Poem For Halloween Night

    Hobgoblins and spellbinders,
    Angels in rags,
    Liar or truthteller,
    Lacewitch or hag.
    Over the gristle bones
    Warlocks fights,
    Earwigs are flying with
    Elfin and sprite.
    Now keep me safe this Halloween night!

    First published in "Ye New Spell Book" compiled by Brian Moses, Macmillan.

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  6. 4. Teacher's Torture

    Can you figure out the answer to this math problem?

    Math Poem

    Add two times twenty-two,
    To twelve and twenty more,
    Take forty-five from fifty-five,
    Add four by forty-four.

    Add six and six to sixteen,
    To eighteen by eleven,
    To nine and nine and ninety-nine,
    Add nine from ninety-seven.

    Add thirty-three and thirteen,
    Take seven from twenty-four,
    Add seventy-seven to sixty-six,
    And total up your score.

    You can count them on your fingers,
    You can count them on your toes,
    You can count them out with counters,
    You can count them out in rows.

    And when you’ve got the answer,
    When you’re sure, and only then –
    You can add another hundred
    And count them all again!

    First published in "The Works 2" selected by Brian Moses and Pie Corbett, Macmillan (2002).

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  7. 5. Word Works

    Find the letter for each stanza and make the word.

    Riddle Poem

    I am in speak but not in tell,
    I am in whisper but not in yell,
    I am in peel but not in bell,
    And you’ll find me in spin as well as spell.

    I am in loyal but not in true,
    I am in gold but not in blue,
    I am in hold but not in glue,
    I am in know but not in knew.

    I am in haste but not in soon,
    I am in space but not in room,
    I am in shine but not in moon,
    I am in flower but not in bloom.

    My last is in mighty but not yet great,
    You’ll find me in Molly but not in Kate,
    I’m never in yak and never in you,
    But always in rhyme and poem too.

    A version of this was first published in "The Universal Vacuum Cleaner and Other Riddle Poems" compiled by John Foster, Illustrated by Tony Ross, Oxford University Press (2005)

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  8. 6. To Catch A Poem

    I want to catch a poem,
    But I’m not sure how.
    I wish I knew when and where,
    I could catch a poem right now.

    Can I catch a poem in the sand on a beach?
    Or hiding in fields of long, green grass?
    Can I catch a poem among the waves in the sea?
    I’m not sure where I can catch a poem, alas!

    Will I be able to catch a poem with a loop of rope?
    Can I use the rope to lasso, and bind the poem up tight?
    Will I be able to catch a poem with a butterfly net?
    Will the net stop the poem from slipping out of sight?

    Can I catch a poem when I’m playing outdoors?
    Or can I catch a poem from right under my bed?
    Oh gosh! As I thought about where I could catch a poem;
    I actually caught one – it was right inside my head!!

    “To Catch a Poem” was first published in March 2022 by Ukiyoto Publishing in the book titled To Catch a Poem by Santhini Govindan. The book can be bought on Amazon or from the Ukiyoto bookstore.

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  9. 7. Wise Words

    The Magic Of Books

    A book is not a window
    nor is it a magical key
    a book’s not a path
    through a mountain
    or a forest of enchanted trees

    A book is not a doorway
    nor is it a phase of the moon
    it’s not made by
    an ancient magician
    or the shake of a shaman’s rune

    A book is not a monster
    nor can it be your friend
    it’s no place to keep
    hopes or secrets
    for you may not find them again

    A book is not a phantom
    nor a thing only you can see
    it’s not a spell
    to make laughter
    you can’t enter and leave your grief

    A book is not a journey
    nor is it a prayer or a wish
    the old man said
    to the wide-eyed child
    who just smiled and said ‘Oh but it is...’

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    Latest Shared Story

    The child knows best...
    A book's a story waiting to be read
    Taking one to where their feet never tread
    Be it fact or fiction whatever's told
    It's a mystery about to unfold.

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  10. 8. I Wish

    I wish that spinach tasted like chocolate,
    Instead of tasting sour and bitter.
    I wish that candy bars were loaded with nutrition,
    So that eating as many as I like would make me even fitter.
    I wish I could finish my homework quickly every day,
    Instead of feeling drowsy as soon as I start to write.
    I wish I could keep a dragon as a pet at home,
    So I can play with him to my heart’s delight.
    I wish that one day, I get to meet a real fairy,
    Instead of just reading about fairies in folklore.
    I wish that the fairy answers all my questions to her,
    So then, I can ask her several more.

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  11. 9. When I Meet A Fairy

    Though I have never, ever met a fairy,
    I am quite certain that they exist.
    I read about them every day in stories and poems,
    So I know they’re living somewhere in our midst.
    When I play in my garden, or in the park,
    I am always alert to look around,
    I peer at tree trunks, bushes, and flowerbeds
    And quiet corners where a fairy might be found.
    I have already decided what I will do,
    When I meet a little fairy someday.
    I won’t shout, clap, or speak in a loud voice,
    Because that might scare the fairy away!
    I’ll introduce myself politely, and then perhaps,
    I’ll tell the fairy about the things I like to do -
    I hope that the fairy will find this so interesting,
    That she’ll tell me all about herself too!

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  12. 10. He's Coming!

    Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

    He’s coming! He’s coming!
    Santa Claus is on his sleigh!
    He’s coming! He’s coming!
    Magic reindeer – up and away!

    He’s suited, he’s booted,
    Snow-white bearded, dressed in red,
    He’s coming, he’s coming!
    Quick now, children, go to bed!

    He’s landed! He’s landed!
    Reindeer hooves upon the tiles!
    He’s landed! He’s landed!
    Bringing gifts and lots of smiles!

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  13. 11. Sailing The Swings

    Arrgh! I’m a pirate.
    I sail salty seas,

    searching for ships,
    at the whim of the breeze.

    I ride rolling waves
    up and down, night and day.

    I head for the clouds.
    I plunge through the spray.

    Me, and my parrot,
    every soul I command,

    we rise and we fall
    until we hit land.

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  14. 12. Glad That I'm Me!

    • By Ian Bland
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems November 18, 2021

    If I was a flag
    I’d be flapping and raising
    If I was a star
    Up high I’d be blazing!

    If I was a saint
    I’d be singing and praying
    If I was some hips
    You just know I’d be swaying!

    If I was a bird
    I’d be nesting and crowing
    If I was a cup
    I’d be just overflowing!

    If I was a mouth
    I’d be laughing and joking
    If I was a fire
    I’d be roaring and smoking!

    If I was the sky
    You just know I’d be lightning
    If I was a ghost
    I’d be spooky and frightening!

    But just look at me now
    As plain as can be
    I’m glad that I’m normal
    I’m glad that I’m me!

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    You can go anywhere you want to. The biggest ride of your life begins in the light of our mind and soul. There is no fear, my dear, in a world of happiness. Any dream can come true. Fly with...

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  15. 13. Haunted House Inventory

    Wooden door; wide and creaky.
    Sculking cat; snide and sneaky.
    Skeletons; cold and clanky.
    Madame Witch; old and cranky.
    Ancient paintings; strange and spooky.
    Watching eyes; crazed and looky.
    Blackest bat; fast and flappy.
    Venus Flytrap; mighty snappy.
    Wailing ghosts; always moany.
    Piano playing on its owny.
    Time to go! Scream and shouty!
    Read the sign – ‘No Way Out-y!’

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  16. 14. If Clouds Were Made Of Candyfloss

    If clouds were made of candyfloss.
    If honey filled the seven seas.
    If sand was made of sherbet.
    If cupcakes grew on every tree.
    If mountains were made of marshmallows.
    If fudge flowers grew wild and free.
    If all houses were made of chocolate.
    What a sweet world it would be.

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  17. 15. Fossils

    O, its bones may be colossal,
    But the trouble with a fossil
    Is that it doesn’t give a clue
    As to the creature’s actual hue.

    Those Pterodactyl things that flew,
    Were they red or green or blue?
    And that Brontosaurus fellow,
    Did he come in mauve and yellow?

    As for those Stegosaurus types,
    Maybe they had snazzy stripes?
    And was Tyrannosaurus Rex
    Perhaps adorned with spots or checks?

    And was old Archaeopteryx
    Just one colour, or a mix?
    And Woolly Mammoth, what d’you think,
    Purple, puce or shocking pink?

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    Latest Shared Story

    I just love the poem. I had been feeling a bit low, and then I read your poem and the world felt like a brighter place. Thank you.

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  18. 16. Travel For Fun

    I want to travel around the world for fun,
    And see different lands, one by one.
    But I would not like to travel by aeroplane, train, or by car -
    I would like to have a magic carpet that will take me afar.

    I will keep the carpet under my bed, rolled upright,
    So it will be easy to reach, when I want to take flight.
    I won’t need to get a passport, or buy a ticket when I want to fly,
    I’ll just sit on my magic carpet, and wave everyone good-bye!

    I’ll cross rivers and valleys, and the snowy Himalayas so tall,
    And fly to faraway China to see the Great Wall.
    Then I’ll float to Egypt, and visit the great Nile,
    And see the pyramids, and the Sphinx’s mysterious smile.

    I’ll travel to the African jungles where wild animals roam,
    And visit European cities like London, Paris, and Rome
    But on my magic carpet, before I eagerly set out,
    There’s something that I’m a little worried about.

    I keep thinking of it, again and again –
    What will happen if my magic carpet gets caught in the rain?
    I’m sure that soaking wet carpets can’t fly far away -
    So, to travel for fun, I must find another way!

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  19. 17. The Shut-Eye Train

    This famous whimsical poem by Eugene Field (1850-1895) is the perfect children’s poem to read at bedtime. The descriptive language of this fantastical train ride transports readers from reality to a land of imagination as they drift off to sleep.

    Come, my little one, with me!
    There are wondrous sights to see
    As the evening shadows fall;
    In your pretty cap and gown,
    Don't detain
    The Shut-Eye train -
    "Ting-a-ling!" the bell it goeth,
    "Toot-toot!" the whistle bloweth,
    And we hear the warning call:
    "All aboard for Shut-Eye Town!"

    Over hill and over plain
    Soon will speed the Shut-Eye train!
    Through the blue where bloom the stars
    And the Mother Moon looks down
    We'll away
    To land of Fay -
    Oh, the sights that we shall see there!
    Come, my little one, with me there -
    'T is a goodly train of cars -
    All aboard for Shut-Eye Town!

    Swifter than a wild bird's flight,
    Through the realms of fleecy light
    We shall speed and speed away!
    Let the Night in envy frown -
    What care we
    How wroth she be!
    To the Balow-land above us,
    To the Balow-folk who love us,
    Let us hasten while we may -
    All aboard for Shut-Eye Town!

    Shut-Eye Town is passing fair -
    Golden dreams await us there;
    We shall dream those dreams, my dear,
    Till the Mother Moon goes down -
    See unfold
    Delights untold!
    And in those mysterious places
    We shall see beloved faces
    And beloved voices hear
    In the grace of Shut-Eye Town.

    Heavy are your eyes, my sweet,
    Weary are your little feet -
    Nestle closer up to me
    In your pretty cap and gown;
    Don't detain
    The Shut-Eye train!
    "Ting-a-ling!" the bell it goeth,
    "Toot-toot!" the whistle bloweth
    Oh, the sights that we shall see!
    All aboard for Shut-Eye Town!

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    Hadn't come across this one before. Not quite as good as "Wynken, Blynken and Nod," but excellent for the period and a precursor to more recent sleepy time travel poems and songs.

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  20. 18. Wynken, Blynken, And Nod

    “Wynken, Blynken, and Nod” is a whimsical poem that’s a perfect bedtime story about the adventures of three little fishermen. It’s a delightful poem to be read aloud to children as they close their eyes and nod their heads. Eugene Field (1850-1895) wrote poetry for children, often with an element of fantasy. Each stanza in this poem is made up of 12 lines, with the last three lines repeating in each stanza.

    Wynken, Blynken, and Nod one night
    Sailed off in a wooden shoe,—
    Sailed on a river of crystal light
    Into a sea of dew.
    "Where are you going, and what do you wish?"
    The old moon asked the three.
    "We have come to fish for the herring-fish
    That live in this beautiful sea;
    Nets of silver and gold have we,"
    Said Wynken,
    And Nod.

    The old moon laughed and sang a song,
    As they rocked in the wooden shoe;
    And the wind that sped them all night long
    Ruffled the waves of dew;
    The little stars were the herring-fish
    That lived in the beautiful sea.
    "Now cast your nets wherever you wish,—
    Never afraid are we!"
    So cried the stars to the fishermen three,
    And Nod.

    All night long their nets they threw
    To the stars in the twinkling foam,—
    Then down from the skies came the wooden shoe,
    Bringing the fishermen home:
    'Twas all so pretty a sail, it seemed
    As if it could not be;
    And some folk thought 'twas a dream they'd dreamed
    Of sailing that beautiful sea;
    But I shall name you the fishermen three:
    And Nod.

    Wynken and Blynken are two little eyes,
    And Nod is a little head,
    And the wooden shoe that sailed the skies
    Is a wee one's trundle-bed;
    So shut your eyes while Mother sings
    Of wonderful sights that be,
    And you shall see the beautiful things
    As you rock in the misty sea
    Where the old shoe rocked the fishermen three:—
    And Nod.

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  21. 19. Night

    A bedtime poem to ease small children's fear of the night and to reassure them that the moon and the stars are watching over them.

    A Bedtime Poem About The Night

    Silver moon and golden stars
    Are watching over us from afar.

    While we rest in our beds,
    They do their very best instead -

    To give us sweet and blissful sleep,
    Or help us count one hundred sheep.

    All night long they twinkle and shine
    To give us dreams that are divine.

    They sing a soft lullaby in our ears
    To chase away all gloomy fears.

    They're having lots of nightly fun,
    Until the rising of the sun.

    Then they hide themselves away,
    And night once more makes room for day.

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  22. 20. Morning Fog

    When I was a kid and it was foggy, it always reminded me of an endless sea, and I fantasized about going on all kinds of adventures...

    An Adventure On A Foggy Morning

    The morning fog
    - White and dense -
    Comes creeping in
    Through the garden fence.

    Over the grass,
    Over the lane,
    All the way -
    To my window pane.

    Gone is our garden,
    With the old oak tree;
    A sea of white
    Is all I see.

    In my imagination,
    My bed is a boat.
    I open the window,
    And I go afloat.

    Smoothly I sail
    On the foggy sea -
    With my doll and my teddy
    For company.

    I am the captain,
    They are my crew.
    We're headed for a land -
    No one ever knew.

    The sea is calm,
    All is going well.
    The life of an explorer
    Is really swell.

    But then, just as I see
    My destination loom,
    Out comes the sun -
    And I'm shipwrecked in my room!

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    Latest Shared Story

    Giving feedback on published poems is much more fun than trying to scroll through them looking for gems like this. Well done. Love it! Great rhyming. I can picture this as a children's book...

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