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  1. Just Another Year

    Old Age And Birthdays

    The years are taking their toll.
    Another birthday has now arrived.
    People you meet say you're still looking young.
    With a smile, you wink and say, "Nice try."

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    Age is only a number we accumulate through our journey along the path destined for us. “Just Another Year” gave our hearts a nudge. It’s all right to climb the ladder of numbers and let our...

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  3. The Eve Before Christmas

    • By Linda J. Doucett
    • Published: June 2017
    Last Minute Christmas Shopping

    'Twas the eve before Christmas.
    I left it too late.
    The shelves are all bare.
    Oh, why did I wait?

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  4. A Geezer's Gripings

    Getting Older Is SO HARD!

    I'm getting older, nature deems.
    I'm coming apart at the seams.
    The things that never hurt before
    Now multiply, make more and more.

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  6. Today I Was...

    Complaining About The Weather

    Monday I was angry with the sun.
    It was always in my eyes - no fun.
    Tuesday I was angry with the rain.
    Forgot my umbrella - what a pain.

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  7. Working From Home

    • By Phil J. Johnson
    • Published: June 2017

    The grass needs cutting,
    I must mend the gate.
    I'm expecting a parcel,
    I hope it's not late.

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  8. If Four Is A Party This Is A Parade

    • By James Guerin
    • Published: May 2014
    Poem About Multiple Personalities

    I have one too many personalities,
    I don't know which one is really me,
    So if I'm nice at first, and then I'm mean,
    You just met Sally, and then met Steve.

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  10. The Mirror

    Poem On Getting Older

    My mirror is broken, or at least it seems to be,
    for today I discovered an old man staring back at me.

    The face I recognized,

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    As we get older, we look back and realize that age gradually snuck up on us. Once we take the time to look in the mirror, it is a startled realization about the facts we must face. This poem...

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  11. Taxi Taxi

    • By Misty Elizabeth Bennett
    • Published: May 2014
    Poem About Trouble Hailing a Taxi

    I put my thumb up to hail a cab,
    but they never stop and it drives me mad!
    I've lived in this City for a very long time,
    Yellow is always crossing my mind....

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  12. What A Life!

    • By Tessa
    • Published: February 2011

    I once applied for a life online
    Sadly however, I was declined
    They told me I was not eligible
    So I wrote them a letter to complain...

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    Amazing! "I guess I'll have to re-apply." That line says it all. Very often...almost every day, such thoughts come in my mind. I find this poem very close to my own reality. Nice work, poet!

  13. The Day I Remember

    • By Huda Peerzada
    • Published: June 2013

    I opened my eyes
    I looked to the sky
    the birds were singing and whistling by
    my heart got thirst to fly...

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