Betrayed Friend Poems by Teens

Poems for a Betrayed Teen Friend

Trust is the most important component of any relationship. If you do not trust a person, you probably do not consider them your friend. The building blocks of friendship are based on sharing the deepest parts of yourself and believing that they will be held sacred. You believe this about your friend and he believes it about you. The more you trust each other, the deeper the friendship that you have built. If you don't have trust in your friend, you don't have a friendship.

Poems about Betrayal of Trust and Loyalty


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  1. One Secret

    • By Betty D.
    • Published: May 2013

    You walk away as I cry,
    you turn your back on my tears.
    To imagine you capable of such things,
    A monstrous idea indeed....

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    Wow... This has actually happened to me. Back in my home state of Virginia, I had a friend. We were friends for years. We were SO EXCITED because we were to have the same school that year....

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  3. Friends Till The End

    • By Joann
    • Published: March 2010

    What did I do?
    What did I say?
    Why do I seem to be in your way?
    Friends till the end,...

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    yes I love this poem so much it's like saying everything I felt about my EX best friend

  4. My Sometimes Best Friend

    • By Kaitlyn Kubat
    • Published: December 2011

    How can you know me?
    When I barely know myself.
    How can you laugh with me?
    When inside I am crying....

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    I have a 'friend' like that. She says whatever to get what she wants. She sees a crazy funny girl who make no sense. But really she doesn't look for the real me, or how I get hurt when she...

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  6. Empty

    • By Taylor Wood
    • Published: October 2013
    Poem About Fake People In Your Life

    Yet full
    Yet able to love with the pieces...

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    This poem really speaks to me because I used to feel like that. Sometimes I still do. I'm basically friendless because all my so-called friends lost touch or have a "busy schedule." I know...

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  7. I'm Lost

    Poem About Losing Someone Special

    I thought they were wrong,
    That you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.
    But it's true.
    I'm lost without you.

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  8. Part Of My Past

    • By Betty
    • Published: June 2009
    A True Friendship Test

    We've been friends since almost forever
    Remember all the fun times were had always together
    We all grew up knowing each other best
    I took this experience as a true friendship test...

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    This is really sad I know how you feel it's the same with my friends I call them my girlies but they don't include me in any games. I ask myself are they really my friends?

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  10. Say Goodbye

    • By Candice Jones
    • Published: July 2011

    You say you are my friend
    But you stab me in the back
    I sit here in my blood
    Wondering if you will ever come back...

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    I once had 2 best friends...Meyu and Aisu. One day, when I came to school, Kipi (my classmate) told me that Aisu was crying. Then I talked to her and made her smile and after that she had a...

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  11. Agony Etched In Me

    • By Shelby
    • Published: November 2010
    Best Friend Stole My Boyfriend

    I was betrayed in the End,
    By my beloved and best Friend,
    Blinded by my own Love,
    I could not see she was trying to push and Shove.

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    I stole my best friends boyfriend 7 years ago.
    We fell in love, even though we tried to fight it. This poem touched me because I've never been able to forgive myself for hurting my friend...

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  12. Yesterday

    • By R
    • Published: February 2010
    Just Yesterday

    last year, last month,
    just yesterday,
    I could have sworn,
    I knew my way,...

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    I know exactly how you feel. I'm 13 too :) I had a best friend, she always said that I left her out but I only did because another of my friends was trying to commit suicide and I was helping...

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  13. Two Friends

    • By Mark Vertsekha
    • Published: October 2013
    Friends Not There For You Poetry

    my friends
    aren't you supposed to comfort me?

    my friends...

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    Reminds me back in the days when I had friends now I'm alone with my thoughts .

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