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He Is By Your Side

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A Dad is patient,
helpful, and strong.
He is there by your side
when things go wrong.

Annmarie Campbell

Quote About My Mom

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In the midst of it all
I know who to call
My hero, my friend
The one I call Mom.

- Abby

Quote For Mom

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You are the sunlight in my day.
You are the moon I see far away.
You are the tree I lean upon.
You are the one that makes troubles be gone.

- Champagne S. Baker

Quote About Mom And Daughter

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Because you are my mom,
you loved me enough to also be my friend.
You would be right there in ways
that no one could see or ever comprehend.

- Linda Arlene Fassett


Adopted Child Quote

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I am not just a foster child with hope,
an adopted child with love;
I am a chosen child!

- Sheila T. Williams

A Mother's Heart

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A mother's heart
is a song
that puts rhythm
in your soul.

Nusrat Ahmed

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