Loving Poem about Family

The ultimate guide to having a family. There are Cousins, Greats, In-Laws, steps, Nieces, Nephews, And Even Pets

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The Ultimate Guide To Having a Family


Published: February 2006

Grandmas are beams of sunshine built into a hug
That leaves a smile on your face and love within you heart
Grandpas are the wise ole ones that are cuddly as a bear
Who always have a neat new trick and story yet to share
Then there's aunts and uncles, who let us play around
Who we can share our wishes with and still wrestle to the ground
Sisters are our best of friends even when the times are tough
They're there to hold each other's hand and be each other's rock
Brothers often feel the same though it can be too soft to hear
But underneath the silent bond, the love runs strong and clear
And all the above can come in more than one, even more than a pair of two
There's cousins, 'greats', 'in-laws', 'steps', nieces, nephews, and even pets
That warm our hearts and give us joy
Making treasured memories that last a lifetime through
Still the most important two we cannot leave unsaid
Is the love and life that surrounds around that of a mom and dad
For dad is warmth and gentle breezes that stir us in our soul
Guides us in such qualities of dignity, integrity,
and values we should hold
And in those moments when we reflect on what it all should mean
Mom is there at the core, the heart of the family
She lights our path with every step we take so we can see our way
She's really what the roots are made of in our family tree



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