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Quote About A Girl Needing Her Daddy

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A little girl needs her Daddy
to love her with gentlemanly charm,
to hold her tightly when she is afraid
and keep her safe from harm.

Kacee Harrington

Mother To Son Quote

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If you get lost along your way,
not sure what to do or what to say,
know that I'm present in spirit and soul
with open arms
and a hand for you always to hold.

- Wendy L. Nichols


My Dear Child

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Stand tall,
stand strong,
and your strength
will guide you.

- Betty Miller

My Daughter My Love

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I never knew
I could love so much,
until the day
I felt your touch.

- Martha L. Sheridan

A Mother's Heart

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A mother's heart
is a song
that puts rhythm
in your soul.

Nusrat Ahmed

Love More Than You Can See Quote

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Mommy, I love you
more than you see.
You have always been there
when I needed you to be.

- Gail M. Russellburg

The Gift Of Your Presence

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My best memory to recall
is the gift of your presence,
the greatest gift of all.

Rebecca D. Cook

Quote About My Mom

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In the midst of it all
I know who to call
My hero, my friend
The one I call Mom.

- Abby

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