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I just love writing poems! I have always had the sincere desire that my words would be able to help another person. To lift them up, to inspire them, and to help them through a difficult time. That is my hope, that my words would reach those that are hurting.
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    Poems by Marla J. Frazier

  • I Will Be Thinking Of You

    I wrote this poem for my sweet sister. She has known a lifetime of mental and physical pain. She now faces one of the biggest challenges of her life, cancer. She wanted so much to be able to express her feelings to her family, so I was happy to help. This is to honor my dear sister who I love with all of my heart.

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    • Posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago

    in Loving Poems about Family

    So much suffering
    Oh how I've cried
    The pain I feel
    Is hard to hide

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  • The Depth Of Forgiveness

    • Published: June 30, 2021

    in Faith Poems

    I felt like I was falling
    Off of a very steep cliff
    And I just kept on tumbling
    Into an unknown abyss

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    I once suffered from un-forgiveness. Through time, I learned that it was poisoning my soul with bitterness. I identify with this poem very much and found the same blessed release when I...

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  • My Dream

    This poem is about families who have become distant. I unfortunately am included in this. After our mother passed away in 1982, for some reason we all went our separate ways. I don't know why that happened, but I am sorry it did.

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    • Posted on 11/06/20

    in Anger Poems

    In my dream I am running
    I need to see you right away
    I know I must get to you,
    It cannot wait another day

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  • Running From The Bear

    • Published: October 2020

    in Abuse Poems

    I've spent many years now
    Running from the bear.
    Just when I think you're gone,
    You once again are there.

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  • Pretty Little High Heels

    • Published: October 2020

    in Humorous Poems

    Pretty little high heels,
    How you look so grand.
    I can remember when I wore you
    And I could proudly stand.

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