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About Marla J. Frazier

I just love writing poems! I have always had the sincere desire that my words would be able to help another person. To lift them up, to inspire them, and to help them through a difficult time. That is my hope, that my words would reach those that are hurting.
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    Poems by Marla J. Frazier

  • The Depth Of Forgiveness

    • Published: June 30, 2021

    in Faith Poems

    I felt like I was falling
    Off of a very steep cliff
    And I just kept on tumbling
    Into an unknown abyss


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    I once suffered from un-forgiveness. Through time, I learned that it was poisoning my soul with bitterness. I identify with this poem very much and found the same blessed release when I...

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  • My Dream

    • pending
    • Posted on 11/06/20

    in Anger Poems

    In my dream I am running
    I need to see you right away
    I know I must get to you,
    It cannot wait another day

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  • Running From The Bear

    • Published: October 2020

    in Abuse Poems

    I've spent many years now
    Running from the bear.
    Just when I think you're gone,
    You once again are there.


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  • Pretty Little High Heels

    • Published: October 2020

    in Humorous Poems

    Pretty little high heels,
    How you look so grand.
    I can remember when I wore you
    And I could proudly stand.


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  • Playing Dodgeball

    • Published: March 2020

    in Funny Life Poems

    So much thrown at me,
    And up against a wall
    I feel like I've spent my life,
    Playing a game of dodgeball.


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    This story is so cute & true! It reminds me of the middle-school gym. Oh sure, everyone's best buds on their way in, but once the whistle blew, it was everyone for themselves!

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