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    Poems by Marla J. Frazier

  • Playing Dodgeball

    • Published: March 12, 2020
    Life's Challenges

    in Funny Life Poems

    So much thrown at me,
    And up against a wall
    I feel like I've spent my life,
    Playing a game of dodgeball.


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  • Beauty And Scars

    • Published: May 24, 2019
    Poem About Caring About Others

    in Compassion Poems

    Close your eyes and picture beauty.
    What is it that you see?
    A baby, a mountain, a river?
    Or maybe an old oak tree?


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    I think words put together in a certain order can be amazing or sometimes hurtful. Scars are inside and out. Some don't think about the ones they don't see. Thank you for your poem. It helped...

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