Faith Poem

The Peace Of Forgiveness

This poem was written for someone who did incredible damage to my life, to me. But I was able to forgive them by God's unconditional love and forgiveness for me. Finally forgiving this individual has given me such freedom and peace.

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The Depth Of Forgiveness

© more by Marla J. Frazier

Published: June 30, 2021

I felt like I was falling
Off of a very steep cliff
And I just kept on tumbling
Into an unknown abyss

I fell deeper and deeper
And into places never known,
But my fall would teach me something
That I had yet to be shown

I know the words of the Lord,
So forgive I always do
And it was never hard for me
Until it came to you

We should always be forgiving
And we know why this must be
Forgive so that we can be forgiven,
These are familiar words to me

Where mercy is given,
Mercy will be shown
But put through such a fall
Is something I'd never known

I loved you and feared you
And it was hard to live that way
But I patiently waited on God
And He finally made a way

The hate that consumes you,
It runs incredibly deep
And I was terribly hurt
Falling from this cliff so very steep

But now I have forgiven you
Free from the fear in which I was kept
Taught to forgive in a deeper way,
By God's love that has greater depth


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