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I wrote this poem because I like to make people laugh. Some situations in life can be so upsetting. Laughter is such a good thing!

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Playing Dodgeball

© more by Marla J. Frazier

Published: March 12, 2020

So much thrown at me,
And up against a wall
I feel like I've spent my life,
Playing a game of dodgeball.

Something thrown from the left,
So I dodge to the right.
Trying to keep from getting hit
Has been a constant fight.

Occasionally, I am blindsided
And hit square in the face,
But I know I can't quit playing,
So I pick up the pace!

Sometimes it really hurts
And leaves quite a bruise,
But I keep right on dodging
Because I don't want to lose.

But now that I've gotten older,
I understand the game a little more.
Keeping your eye on the ball is wiser
Rather than trying to watch the score.

Now that I'm an accomplished player,
I can give good advice to you all.
Keep dodging to the right or left,
But never lose sight of the ball!


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