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Dedicated to every child out there that has been left out by their father. No matter what your dad may do no matter how bad it hurts, remember that there is such thing as karma, and karma will bite them hard in the long run. Be strong and always be prepared for the day where they will come back and beg you for forgiveness.

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My name is Brynn Beckwith. I'm just a 16 year old boy from Arkansas. Unlike you, I don't have a story. I was never abused, I was never hurt like you were. I was bullied, but I don't think...

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My Father Is My Enemy


Published: October 2012

If this is who you really are, than I want you far...
If this is what a father is, than I never want one...
You abandon me in my time of need,
Left me with nothing to eat...
I had to survive on my own two feet...
All the money you had, and still you treated me so bad...
You're the worst dad, and that makes you so glad!!!
What comes around goes right around...
I hate when you yell, I hate that sound!!!
I looked for you and hell is what I found!
I should of been your princess with a crown
instead, you treated me like I was your clown..
Betrayed me and left me with a frown!!
Look at my tears, what about my fears?
You can't help me anymore, Don't even try, what for?
I hate what you have done to me!
I use to be so weak, I was afraid to ever speak...
Now I have found strength and I'm not afraid...
I'm not afraid of telling you to leave.
You are my dad just by name, because of you I will never be the same...
You are insane and that's how you will remain.
My mom is good, she's not the one to blame...
She had to play your roll as a dad...
You were never there, she was always so fair...

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  • Aprajita Upadhyay by Aprajita Upadhyay
  • 7 months ago

I hate my father more than anything else in this world, not because he hurt me and my sibling but because he always hurt my mother, physically, verbally, and mentally. He always used abusive language with my mother. He is not a human being. He's crueler than an animal. He gave me and my siblings a lonely childhood.

  • Jennifer Hernandez by Jennifer Hernandez
  • 2 years ago

My "dad" physically, mentally, and sexually abused me. I hate him so much... it's his fault I'm in foster care for two years now and my family doesn't even care. They helped him escape from the police! The only person I have right now is my grandma, but I feel that I won't be back to my family anytime soon. He hurt me so much. I'm so depressed. It's his fault I am who I am now. I smoke weed, I cut myself, I take pills, and cry myself to sleep. Man, I hate him so much.

  • Brynn Beckwith by Brynn Beckwith
  • 1 year ago

My name is Brynn Beckwith. I'm just a 16 year old boy from Arkansas. Unlike you, I don't have a story. I was never abused, I was never hurt like you were. I was bullied, but I don't think I've ever been hurt as badly as you have. My parents have always been good people. I've felt alone, lost, betrayed. I've hated everything about myself: my personality, my looks, my lifestyle, and I've viewed everything I've done as a mistake. I've felt a small portion of the pain that you have, and I have tried to hurt myself. I've thought of trying again, but I just can't, especially now that I know that you have had it so much worse. Compared to you, I'm pathetic. I thought I had it bad, but the people on here and you have showed me that I have it good. I don't know why I'm writing this. Just feels like I should. I hope you know people care about you. Though you don't need my sympathy, I hope you know people care about you or that you forgive him for the horrors he has done to you one day. You're strong. Just remember that.

  • Ruby Rare by Ruby Rare
  • 4 years ago

My father never once told me I was pretty like he always did with my sisters. At 59 years old, I finally realized that if he had, I would be an entirely different person than who I am today. Instead, I was left to make my own dreams come true which made me strong, independent, compassionate, valuable, and beautiful--first inside then outside. So today I said a profound thank you to him for never telling me that I was pretty. What did he say? Absolutely nothing. I took that as a "You're welcome".

Because that's who I am.

  • Nour by Nour, Denmark
  • 4 years ago

I have cried for nights, this poem sounds like exactly what's on my mind. I've been asking God why this world is so cruel. Since I opened my eyes I can remember that you never were beside me. Even my birthday you can never remember. What about Mom? What did she do? She was good and always has been. I was afraid to tell people that you are my Dad even though you never cared. How can you sleep at night? How can you smile? How can you dare kill this little angel inside of me? You are not afraid of God? How can you be so bad with a heart made of stone? What about when I cry in front of you asking why you do this to us? You simply answer 'I'm sorry'. Sorry for what? Sorry for breaking my Mom's life? Or for killing my bro who was 6 months old ? Or for breaking my Childhood and future ? You're the worst person I've ever seen and I never loved you and I never will.

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