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As I enjoy reading and writing limericks, it was a delight to see that limericks are one of the four poetry forms in the 2019 Summer Poetry Contest. Children love poetry with some humour and a rhythmic beat. I hope to have gotten that right in these limericks I've written for children to read and hopefully enjoy. Five Limericks, each having a line syllable count of 10,10, 5, 5, 9.

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Thank you for the congratulations on my winning the Summer Poetry Contest, Brother John. Winning was an unexpected surprise. To my mind, all of the entries were worthy winners. Yours I...

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Candy Tree Shops

Beryl L Edmonds © more by Beryl L Edmonds

Published: August 14, 2019

If ice cream could be grown on the tree top,
Tiny tummies would be liking it lots.
Any fruit flavour
For all to savour.
Do stop by at the ice cream tree shop.

If only the trees could grow lollipops
With a sharp tangy taste of lemon drops.
Lolly licky-lick
With a zingy twist.
Come along with a skip and a hop.

If chocolate heaven grew on tree leaf,
Bountiful, tempting, delicious to eat,
A smooth, silky, treat
In a chocy feast.
If only they weren't so out of reach.

If bubblegum grew upon trees that blew
Bubbles in the air, to catch and to chew.
Be nimble, be quick;
Remember the trick.
Don't swallow, because gum sticks like glue.

All are welcome at the Candy Tree Shops.
Feast your eyes on all the goodies they've got.
There are enough treats
For all down the streets,
So come and join the jiggery-jog

Winning Poem for our Summer 2019 Poetry Contest - Structured Poems For Kids

Interview with the winner, Beryl L. Edmonds

  • How long have you been writing poetry, and what inspired you to get started?
    I am honoured to have been chosen as winner of the Summer Poetry Contest, especially as there were some really awesome entries, which were a joy to read. Poetry is one of the delights of my life. I've been writing poetry since the age of fourteen, influenced by an amazing teacher at school who inspired those of us in her class with her love of poetry.
  • What is the best part about writing poetry for children? The most challenging?
    For me, the best part of writing poetry for children is being able to indulge one's own fantasies and dreams. The challenge in writing poetry for children is to engage their interest and hopefully inspire the next generation with a love for reading or writing poetry themselves.
  • You have written poems about a variety of topics. Do you have a favorite topic to write about?
    I enjoy writing poems on a variety of topics, though my favourites to write as a believer in the Christian Faith are of a spiritual theme. I've found on life's journey that poems of a spiritual nature bring comfort to many people, sometimes at a time of need.

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Thank you, Sumorsaet. It's good to have the feedback, and I appreciate your comments very much indeed.
Regards, Beryl

  • Sumorsaet by Sumorsaet
  • 3 months ago

I love poems with expression (romance and observation) and metre (essential in a perfectly flowing rendering) even in the often misnomer of "blank verse." There are so many enjoyable poems posted on this site. I enjoy the sentiment in this one.

Congratulations sister Beryl on winning the summer poetry contest for children. Your win is well deserve A lovely limerick poem from a wonderful lady.

Thank you for the congratulations on my winning the Summer Poetry Contest, Brother John. Winning was an unexpected surprise. To my mind, all of the entries were worthy winners. Yours I thought was just wonderful. Thanks most of all for your kindness, friendship, and support on my poetic journey. For sure, all the Limericks we've shared over the past few years have contributed to the success of this occasion.
Warm regards,

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