Family Poems by Teens

Family Poems by Teens

Poems about Moms and Dads

Respect for fathers and mothers is a common tenet of most cultures. With the advent of modern psychology, we now question this idea. If our problems are the result of the way we were raised, why should we respect them? When we respect our parents we are acknowledging that we do not know the challenges that our parents face. We recognize that our parents had to overcome their own childhood issues as well. Respecting our parents is the path to beginning to respect ourselves and ultimately respecting the cycle of life.

32 Poems about Family Ties: Poems by Teens on Grandparents, Mothers, and Fathers

  1. 1. See What I See

    I wrote this for my beautiful 16-year-old daughter! She struggles so hard with self-esteem issues! I'm sure many of you moms understand.

    If you could see what I see when I look at you,
    You'd definitely love you, too.
    You would hold your head up high,
    For you possess beauty that no one can deny.

    If you could see what I see when I look at you,
    There's no way you'd be so down and blue.
    You wouldn't be able to contain your smiles,
    For your charm goes on for miles and miles.

    If you could see what I see when I look at you,
    You'd know there's nothing you can't do.
    You'd do things without fear you'll fail,
    For you've got many talents yet to unveil.

    Please try to see what I see when I look at you.
    You will feel refreshed and new.
    All the anger, shame, and insecurities will just go.
    I promise BABY GIRL, you are too good to ever hang your head low.

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    This is so beautiful! I also struggle with self-esteem mom has passed, but I feel like this is something she would say to me. I feel like every girl should hear this growing up as...

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  3. 2. Dear Star In The Sky

    • By Maria Gironza
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2013

    This poems describes my mother. Since I am still a teenager, I feel is if my mom is guide, a star in the sky, that guides me to make the best decisions in my life. She fills me with courage day to day, so I dedicated this piece of poetry to her.

    The night is still young
    The sun has gone low

    The first thing I see
    Is your shiny star glow

    For even the darkest and scariest place
    Could never slow down your wonderful pace

    Deep in the night
    Closer to dawn

    I sleep really sound
    Covered by your arms

    You gleam with such beauty
    I must have to say

    The darkest times now
    Seem as light as the day

    I never have doubted and nor shall I will
    Of your love and your courage and your outstanding thrills

    Yet high above hills I see Northern Lights
    That share will me stories of people and life

    Dear Star In The Sky
    you've taught me what's right

    I'll give you my heart
    I'll give you my life

    Protect them again
    With your shiny spotlight

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  5. 3. Broken Hearted Daughter

    • By Tarryn Miller
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2014

    From age 13 to present (age 18) my relationship with my father has been starting to fade away. We have not gotten along, and deep down inside I wish we could. This poem goes out to all of the daughters feeling mentally abused or emotionally heart broken by their fathers. I hope for daughters to read this and know that they're not the only ones suffering through a rough time with their fathers.

    Photographs of you holding me in your arms,
    You protected me from any kind of harm,
    You influenced me to play guitar,
    I was always your number one rock star.

    You looked so proud to be my dad,
    But now every day you look so sad,
    I wonder why you turned into this,
    You're violent with your tone and not your fists.

    I'm thankful you're not abusive physically,
    But you turn my emotions into misery,
    Money seems like your only desire,
    You're only happy when your income is higher.

    Why can't you just be happy and smile,
    It could make you feel better for awhile,
    You never wipe my tears as they fall,
    The problem between us is far from small.

    There is an empty spot in my soul,
    Our relationship is taking a toll,
    I love you with all my heart,
    I don't want our relationship to fall apart.

    It's holding on by one last thread,
    I regret the bad things that I said,
    Can't you realize the expression across my face,
    It's drawn with dark colors of disgrace.

    But I guess you just can't see,
    How much you really mean to me,
    I wish I could have a dad and not just a father,
    That would always be there for his daughter.

    You never care what I have to say,
    Tears fill my eyes as I look away,
    I cannot hide my pain any longer,
    Please change soon or I'll be a goner.

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  6. 4. Inside

    • By Nikki L. Rench
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    Growing up is very difficult, a mixture of leaving behind and embracing new challenges.

    Bottled up inside
    Are the things I never said,
    The feelings that I hide,
    The lines you never read

    You can see it in my eyes,
    Read it on my face,
    Trapped inside are lies,
    Of the past I can't replace

    With memories that linger,
    And won't seem to go away,
    Why can't I be happier?
    Today's a brand new day

    Yesterdays are over
    Even though the hurting is not,
    Nothing lasts forever,
    I must cherish what I've got

    Don't take my love for granted,
    For soon it will be gone,
    All you've ever wanted,
    Of the love you thought you won

    The feelings I have now
    Won't disappear overnight,
    But somehow, someway everything will be alright

    I'm leaving now
    To slay the foe
    Fight my battles
    High and low

    I'm leaving parents
    Hear me go
    Please wish me luck today

    I've grown my wings, I want to fly
    Seize my victories where they lie
    I'm going guys, but please don't cry
    Just let me find my way

    I want to see, and touch, and hear,
    Though there are dangers, thoughts, and fears,
    I'll smile my smiles, and wipe my tears
    Please let me speak my say

    I'm off to find, my world, my dreams,
    Carve my niche, sew my seams
    Remember as I sail my seas,
    I'll love you all the way


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  7. 5. Thank You, Mom

    • By Abby
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2015

    This is about how much I appreciate my mom, and even if I don't let her know this all the time, I truly do love her.

    If you don't know
    How much you mean
    Not just to the world
    But also to me
    Then let me tell you
    All of these things

    We may fight
    And we may cry
    But I'll never forget
    That you're by my side

    In the midst of it all
    I know who to call
    My hero, my friend
    The one I call Mom

    I may not be perfect
    But as you can see
    I love you so much
    You mean everything to me

    Day in and day out
    You're up and about
    Thinking of ways
    To help the family out

    When I'm grown up
    My only dream
    Is to be as good a mom
    As you are to me

    When it gets tough
    You'll remind me that life's rough
    But that doesn't mean
    You aren't there for me

    In the midst of it all
    I know who to call
    My hero, my friend
    The one I call Mom.

    Poem About My Mom, Thank You, Mom

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    My mom is the happiness of my life. I never laugh as much with other as I do with her. Can never have fun without her. I can never repay her sacrifices. The only thing I can do is to make her...

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  8. 6. Thank You For My Whole World

    A poem expressing the gratefulness a daughter has for everything her mother single-handedly did for her.

    Thank you for being there
    Every step of the way
    Thank you for guiding me
    When I went astray

    Thank you for your kisses
    When I was afraid at night
    Thank you for comforting me
    When I got a fright

    Thank you for everything and anything you did
    Throughout my whole life
    Thank you for being my whole world
    Thank you for my life

    But most of all I thank you
    For everything you've done
    Because there wouldn't be a me
    With a you, Mum!

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  9. 7. You're My Best Friend

    • By Ashley
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2010

    I went through cancer at 10, and my dad was always there for me. He is my best friend, so I wrote this for him.

    You're more than a dad
    But a kind, loving man

    You showed me the ways
    In which I stand

    You taught me good from bad
    And all there is to know

    I love you so much,
    And your gentleness shows

    You care for me and love me so much
    You watch over me with your gentle touch

    You make me feel special
    With all the love you show

    Thank you, dad, for being there for me
    Through the rough and so

    You're not only my dad
    But a best friend, it's true

    For I love you so much
    And this is from me to you

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    I know your pain, and l can relate it with mine, dear. Mine has taken ages without calling or visiting, and he's someone l always wish to be beside me whenever l feel like I'm lost. I lost...

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  10. 8. Mum, I Love You

    • By Tiffany
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2009

    Mum, it's hard to find the words to say
    To show how much you mean to me,
    But if it weren't for your love and care,
    I don't know where I'd be.

    How did you do it all, Mum,
    Be a chauffeur, cook, and friend,
    Yet find time to be a playmate?
    I just can't comprehend.

    "Mother" is such a simple word,
    But to me there's meaning seldom heard.
    For everything I am today,
    My mother's love showed me the way.

    Nobody's equal to you, Mum.
    With you in my life, I'm blessed.
    I love you so, and I want you to know
    I think you're the very best.

    Words cannot say how I love you, Mum,
    And just how much I owe.
    Please know that I'll always be there for you too,
    In the high times and low.

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    I feel so sorry for you. I can feel how sad you are because my dad lost his mum last year, and I know how important mums are to life.

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  11. 9. My Grandpa

    • By Mariah Lee
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems August 2015

    My Grandpa has cancer and he is slowly fading right before my eyes. I wrote this poem to let him know how much I love and treasure him and Grandma, also to try and cheer him up. :) They are both so amazingly special and have been the best role models any grandchild could ever ask for. My Grandpa has always done the best he can and has always loved God with his whole heart. When my Grandpa dies I know he will go straight to Heaven to live with Jesus. Grandma will miss him. So will I.

    My Grandpa is the best by far,
    He's loving, kind, and good.
    He always gives me wise advice,
    He's always understood.
    Whenever I am needing him,
    He's always there for me.
    He says life has a purpose,
    Just you wait and see.
    My Grandpa does remind me
    Of God's unending grace.
    I believe him as he says this,
    For love lights up his face.
    My Grandpa's always faithful
    To Grandma, his special wife.
    They've been together lovingly
    For almost their whole life.
    Whenever Grandpa's laughing,
    Grandma laughs along.
    When they laugh together,
    It sounds like a sweet, sweet song.
    One day when I grow up,
    And I am old and gray,
    I hope to be like Grandpa
    In each and every way.

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  12. 10. Just This One Mother's Day

    • By Rebecca
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2010

    I'm fifteen years old now, but I was six when my mom died. Every Mother's Day is hard, but this year seems like it will be the hardest. I wrote this one explaining what I would do if I could have my mom just for this Mother's Day.

    If I could pick one day to have her here,
    I'd choose it to be this Mother's Day.
    This occasion out of all the others,
    It's going to be harder than words could say.

    On that one day we'll do it all,
    And I wouldn't waste a single minute.
    I'd keep going all day, hour after hour,
    And If I got tired I would never quit.

    Just knowing it was my last chance
    To show her all of my love.
    Because it must be hard for her to see,
    Watching from up above.

    I'd make her a very special card,
    As I make them for people all the time.
    But hers wouldn't be like the rest,
    Above all others hers would shine.

    It would say Dear Mom, I love you,
    I'm proud to be your daughter.
    Then I'd hug her tightly
    And hold her while I've got her.

    She'd French braid my hair in the end,
    Just like she always used to.
    I'd smile at her when it was done,
    And say, "Oh mom, I love you!"

    I'd tell her how scared I am,
    Because my surgery is the next day.
    But she'd tell me she'd be with me,
    Holding my hand all the way.

    I'd cry when it was dark out,
    Knowing the day would soon end.
    Although she won't be here forever,
    In my dreams I can always pretend.

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    Featured Shared Story

    This is the first mothers day without her. I am 16. My siblings are 5, 4, and 1.... They don't know how hard it was watching her die but at least I got to know her. I'll be going to her grave...

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  13. 11. Broken

    An eleven-year-old girl pours out what her "father" did to her, also saying what she thinks of him...

    You broke my trust for you
    Just as you broke your promises.
    You broke my love for you
    Just as you can break a twig.
    You smashed my heart into a million pieces
    Just as you can give a shirt a thousand creases.
    So now you got me broken inside.
    Sometimes now I just want to hide.
    You never cared for me; that's why I feel broken,
    And you know that I'm not at all joking.
    You never loved me.
    That's why I'm choking up with tears.
    You never listened to me.
    It's like you didn't have ears.
    Your heart is cold; it's always been pitch black,
    And now you made my heart have a huge crack.
    Whenever I stood up,
    You shoved me back down.
    You always acted like I wasn't around,
    And when I had the guts to say something,
    You only ignored me.
    That's why sunshine
    Is something you'll never see.
    That's also why you'll never be
    Like a father to me.
    Whenever I spoke up, you hushed me.
    Whenever I told you something, you shushed me.
    That's why I'm leaving you behind,
    But unfortunately only in my mind.

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    I can relate. My Dad is an alcoholic and he has crushed my heart. He has broken me beyond repair.

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  14. 12. I'm Sorry...Dad

    • By Shayla Pearl H.
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems April 2015

    My Name is Shayla and I am 15 years old. People have been quite an inconsistent factor in my life, my Dad included. For years our relationship was on/off because of his lack of effort, but I always longed for that father/daughter relationship that I saw other young girls have. Now that I'm older, we go through stages of talking and not talking, but it seems to be more on my terms. It is a little sad, but I have my siblings, so I'm never alone and I love my life!

    I'm sorry you missed the day I came home.
    I'm sorry you left my Mum all alone.
    I'm sorry you missed the first time I walked.
    And I'm sorry you missed the first time I talked.

    I'm sorry you missed tucking me in at night.
    I'm sorry you missed turning off my light.
    I'm sorry you missed me getting my first fright.
    And I'm sorry you weren't there to tell me it's alright.

    I'm sorry you never really cared,
    Never bothered to make a call.
    In fact, I'm not sorry in the slightest bit.
    I'm not sorry at all.

    You should be sorry,
    Sorry to me,
    And sorry to all of us,
    For what you couldn't be.

    A Dad is supposed to love,
    Protect, worship and care.
    A Dad is supposed to do all of this,
    But most importantly be there.

    But you couldn't provide,
    Protect or care.
    You couldn't worship.
    And you couldn't be there

    Because you made the choice
    To never try with me.
    Sure, you're on and off now,
    But it's just too late, you see.

    I mean, I get it now.
    And although this makes me sad...
    You will always be my father.
    You'll just never be my Dad.

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    My dad was deported for being caught with drugs a few months before I was born. He wasn't there for any of my firsts. He didn't see me until I was a year old and we moved to Mexico. I grew up...

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  15. 13. A Different Kind Of Hero

    • By Kelsee Briscoe
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    What kinds of heroes are there?

    He is not the kind of hero who is fighting in the war.
    He is not one who sails offshore.

    I don't call him Sergeant, Captain, or Sir.
    His title is DAD; that is for sure!

    He is the fixer of my broken things
    And the household doctor when I get bee stings.

    He picks me up when I fall down 
    And always turns my frown upside down.

    He keeps me safe when I sleep at night. 
    He gives me seconds when I have a big appetite.

    That's my Dad. That's who he is.
    He deserves a medal for the things he did.

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    Me too, but my dad is always at the coast for his work. I miss him so much, and now he is never here for Father's Day. I wish he could stay at home with my family.

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  16. 14. My Unborn Baby

    • By Courtney
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems June 2009

    I'm 15 and having a baby born. This is for him.

    To my unborn baby.
    I lay at night knowing it'll be alright.
    I watch you on the black and white screen,
    Thinking will you're eyes be brown or green.
    I hear your heartbeat and seen your feet.
    I love you so much, And have never felt your touch.
    Soon I'll see your face but not for a couple days.
    I will love you Always...

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    I love this I'm 26 weeks with a girl I'm going to name Hailey Rose

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  17. 15. What About Me

    • By Jami McCormick
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems February 2006

    A girl talks about her place within her family in which she feels she is unappreciated and unloved.

    My sister gets all the love
    And support she needs
    She has always been first
    In your mind and heart

    But what about me

    My brother gets anything
    He wants even when he
    Doesn't deserve it at all
    Because he's the baby

    But what about me

    I'm the one you can
    Count on to watch the
    Animals or the kid when
    You go somewhere

    But what about me

    I'm the one that is the
    Last person to know
    What's going on and
    The last one you consider

    But what about me

    What if I want to go
    With you when you go
    What if I want to do
    The same things with you

    But what about me

    Why don't I get the same
    Kind of love and support
    That they get, aren't I
    Just as important

    But what about me

    Don't I deserve the same
    Consideration as them
    Don't I deserve the same
    Kind of love and support

    But what about me

    Am I not your daughter
    Don't I deserve the same
    As your other daughter
    Or your son

    But what about me

    If I try to tell you how
    I feel you get angry and
    Upset that I feel this way
    Why can't you understand

    But what about me

    I can't understand why
    My feelings make you
    Angry and why I am the
    One that always gets left behind

    But what about me

    Why don't you take me
    With you or plan things
    So that I can go with you
    Or be more involved in your life

    But what about me

    It's like you don't know me
    Or even care to know me
    So I guess I'll just leave
    You three alone

    But what about me

    Don't call me if you want
    Someone to watch the animals
    Or the kid until you include me
    Because I want to be included

    But what about me

    I am no longer the watcher
    I guess I will make it by myself
    Until I feel I am accepted by the
    Family I was born into

    But what about me

    Until then, I stand alone

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    This is me! Sometimes I think my mum had me just so she had a live-in babysitter and housemaid! I'll leave as soon as I can, and then maybe she'll realize what she lost. Or maybe she won't,...

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  18. 16. The Best Grandma!

    • By Madison Howard
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2014

    I wrote this poem because I love my grandma, but sadly I'm losing her to brain cancer. She was always there for me when I needed her and even if I didn't need her.
    Love you, Nana!!!

    You were there for me
    when I needed you
    you helped me see
    the better things in life

    My first day of school
    you said I would rule
    You waited for me right outside
    it was like you never left my side

    When I was sad
    you made me smile
    you told me family stories
    for a long while

    You taught me
    two + two
    and how to tie my shoe
    so thank you for being you

    I Love You Nana!

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  19. 17. Daddy Can You Hear Me

    • By Tegan Peck
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems October 2007

    This is about my real dad I have never met. This poem may be long, but it has feeling. I wrote this when I turned fourteen. This year I hope I do get to meet him.

    Daddy, are you out there?
    Daddy, come home
    Daddy, please meet me
    Daddy, are you alone?

    You missed all my smiles
    you missed all my tears
    you missed all my laughs
    you missed all my fears

    I hope you come find me
    and see who I've become
    you can come and see us
    Tayler, Dad and Mum

    do you ever think of me?
    do you ever wonder?
    do you know what I'm scared of
    lighting or thunder?

    have you forgotten
    who I really am
    well, I'm the baby girl
    that you and mum planned

    would you ever love me
    would you ever care
    would you ever hold me
    like a teddy bear

    do you want to know me
    do you want to see
    the person who I am
    and the person I'll be

    do you have a picture
    that you hold in your hand
    or are you too scared
    to know who I am

    Can you write me a letter
    and tell me who you are
    so I can see who my dad is
    and see if he's a star

    well, I hope I get to know you
    and you get to know me
    'cause I really want to meet you
    and the person you have been.

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    I am now 18 years old. My father has been in and out of my life. He has never been a father, and I call him Peter. He never bought us gifts and he doesn't know who my baby sister is and he...

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  20. 18. All Alone For Now

    • By Rebekah S
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems July 2011

    I knew a girl at my school who was pregnant and scared, so I thought by writing a poem for her it would make her feel better, and it did. She now has it printed and hanging up.

    It happened at the age of sixteen.
    She was scared to look up at that screen.
    Knowing there was a little heartbeat,
    She would soon get kicked out to the street.
    So she kneeled down to pray,
    How could I make this go away?
    The thought then came in her mind,
    But she knew she could not cross that line.
    She was scared and all alone
    And knew she could not go home.
    Life began to get too rough,
    But she knew she had to be tough.
    Just when she thought everyone had gone,
    It happened at the light of dawn.
    When she woke up in that room,
    She then started to bloom.
    Seeing the sight of her little girl,
    With her red hair and that one tiny curl.
    She knew her life was now complete,
    Hearing her daughter's healthy heartbeat.

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    "You are a mistake." "You are a nobody," "You are just like your mother." "You’re a disgrace." These are things I hear every day in the 15 years I have lived. My mother was a high...

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  21. 19. My Mother, Always There For Me

    • By Mackenzie Ford
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems May 2011

    I am 13 years of age and my mother has always been there for my and she is the only one I can trust. I don't have a father. He left when I was 3. I look to my mom for advice and for a shoulder to cry on.

    You are greatly loved,
    You are greatly cherished!
    Without I would be lost, without you I would be forever scared.
    You are my anchor, my pillar of safety.
    The special connection we have holds my to this place.
    You have happiness, and you have love from me.
    I love you with my whole being!
    You are my friend, my teacher, my mentor.
    You are my mother and I love you!

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  22. 20. My Mother, My Hero

    • By Ritwik Shandilya
    •  Published by Family Friend Poems September 2016

    My mother is a real superhero. She is the sweetest, loveliest, cutest, and the best gift presented to me by God. Mom, love you always.

    My mother,
    She wakes before me, sleeps after me.
    She gets me ready fast and steady.

    Sometimes I wonder if she is a robot.
    Needs no pay, just our smiles,
    Never takes rest, no matter cold or hot.
    Never gets tired though she has a pile to do.
    If there is a superhero, it's my mother.

    I'm blessed to be blessed by her.
    She scolds me and hugs me,
    Makes me cry and makes me laugh.
    Her touch is softer than fur.
    She cares for everyone: me, my brother, and father.
    If there is a superhero, it's my mother.

    Mothers can die for their children,
    But my mother loves me more than just that.
    She is like the sweetest dove,
    Sitting on a tree of love.
    I am blessed that she is my mother.
    If there is a superhero, it's my mother.

    I know we can't always be together,
    But no one can hold us apart.
    She is my life,
    She is my heart,
    She is my mother,
    She is my superhero.

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