Memorial Day Poem

Soldiers Bravely Giving Their Lives For Our Freedom

This poem is about the soldiers who sacrificed their lives for our liberty today.

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1914-1918 War

Laura J Sanders © more by Laura J Sanders

Published by Family Friend Poems November 2021 with permission of the Author.

They sacrificed their lives, entered the gates of hell,
Onward they stumbled, while all around them fell,
War weary, ragged, faces dirt encrusted, black.
Impatient for the whistle, ready for attack.

In their hearts burned everlasting hope,
Carrying love letters and handwritten notes,
Tiny mementos and gifts tucked into pockets,
As shells blasted like exploding rockets!

They died as all good soldiers die,
Hoping for a better world for you and I,
Wanting to set the world free,
But many would shudder if they could see

The selfish world we live in today.
Would they be pleased with its uncaring ways?
Because "for our today, they gave their tomorrow,"
So let us be grateful, not wallow in sorrow.

Let us make their sacrifice worthwhile,
And help each other with willingness and a smile,
For at our darkest hour, our country they did save,
With their lives, which they so bravely gave....



I enjoy writing poetry when I receieve the inspiration and I am finding there are plenty of topics to write about which I am keen for anyone to read.I also enjoy playing and listening to music and I play the guitar, ukulele, harmonica, and Irish tin whistle.

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