I Miss You Poem

My aunt from my father's side got married and divorced a man who left her with a son (my older cousin) for another woman, this woman has a son my age, by this same man, a boy I adored ever since we were kids. We knew then like we know now our hearts belong together. Family forbids every thought of it.

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A Tale To Tell

© more by Thandeka

Published: December 2008

A beacon that sends a warming signal,
to two hearts to attract but so they are stunned.
An alluring feeling, but is perverse to nature.
Is it by elect to adore a soul, if so why others are rejected?

Longing to foresee the splendid affection live on...
Though attributes of life rather have it gone.
Should one assent to the degradation it brings to human race,
or confess to the heart to face?

An aunt bore a son who's cousin to me.
Who's younger sibling pumps blood of their beget's kind.
not mine own; and never by an inch related to me!
Only, we possess a connection that draws us together.

His kisses heat up my soul vigorously,
as I surrender to the passion moving intensely.
Kneeling down for better days and approval. But;
predicament is what mankind opt to see.

If I continue hide and seek, from the joy that's been brought
to my light. Twist it to dark; ignore it as if it were nothing.
Then so would be of no value and will only remain
A tale to tell!

On contrary, destiny caresses itself into ones journey,
with no room to alter a position of any.
But in pressure to embrace coincidence.
For fate; is sweet...


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